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We’ve been waiting for this.. and it’s now OPEN! Let’s start by saying Business Day 1 at Smoke House Deli did not disappoint us.

All the skepticism vanished the minute we saw The Busride crew (they’re the cool ass guys responsible for the lovely architecture) had retained the classic felt marker look. The place just looked as stunning as only all-white can look.


The Experience:

If you’ve been to the ones in Mumbai & Delhi, you experience a sense of deja vu right away.. but then you realise, no wait, this is way cooler, better and much much (much much) bigger! 😉

The staff was hospitable and pleasant. The ambience, double thumbs up. The food, finger licking fantastic. We went expecting to eat all our Smokehouse favourites, and again, they hit the nail on the head. Ditto taste. Ditto presentation. Better city.

The Meal:


  • The drinks – The Tangerine Mojito & Sangria Rosso. We’d stick to a Sangria pitcher the next time.
  • The Deli Cheese Platter – Perfect start to the meal and goes well with their Sangria Rosso. The only thing different from our last cheese platter at a Smokehouse Deli was an addition of strawberries, which makes it oh so better!
  • The Bacon Wrapped Potatoes – What’s better than bacon? Bacon with potatoes in it. Simple.
  • Smoked Mushroom Risotto – Cooked to perfection, beautiful taste, and surprisingly light on the stomach.
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake – One word. Yum.
  • Average of Rs. 1050/- per head for a 3 course meal.

Our Next Meal:

  • The Eggs Benedict for breakfast
  • The Melon Sangria
  • The Bacon Wrapped Chicken or Tenderloin
  • The Hazelnut Mousse Flan

Don’t Miss:

The adorably clever caricatures of Luru’s very own famous names, Lady Curzon & Lord Cubbon, on the restroom doors.


See The Busride at work with their felt marker here.

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