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Meet Chaitu (left) & CV (right). Their business cards read Chaitanya V. Cotha and Shreyas V. Cotha, but yeah that’s too hectic to say or type.

They make up the sixth gen of C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons which needs no introduction if you are a Bangalorean purebred. We think it’s enough to know that the Maharaja of Mysore, the Nizam of Hyderabad + 20 other royal families swear by them. Yeah, that bad ass.

They unabashedly  admit to their shortcoming when it comes to remembering names, so don’t take offence. They also have perfected the cover up strategy for their bad recollection. A 1000 watt grin that more than makes up for it. Promise

They might share the same DNA, but CV likes his cinema on premiere night. Chaitu is more likely to watch it in bed, curled up next to the wife.

Chaitu doesn’t look like it, but his skin crawls at the thought or sight of bugs. He also likes the colour pink (a bit too much) and wears it way more than his wife.

CV is guilty of being a closet geek. He loves his sci-fi & board games. He’s been watching reruns of Southpark for years and he still laughs at the same jokes every single time, as loud as when he first heard it. Yep, that’s the bad memory we were talking about.

These gentleman also have an extremely logical, practical, oh-so-glitch-free way of settling their arguments. The winner is the one who shouts the loudest. Simple.