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World Cup fever is in the air and who says only boys can be die-hard fans? For all you football-loving girls we have an exciting new way to show your support for your team.

The most tension filled, ulcer-inducing games are just around the corner (quarters, semis and finals), so how should you celebrate? We tell you how to get your game on. It’s simple. We swear by the  FIFA ‘14 World Cup inspired nail art done by Visage – a salon for hair, nails and skin.


Visage, located on St.Marks Road, is already well known for their funky nail art, but they have taken it to the next level this World Cup.  From the FIFA logo to country flags, they have it all! You can customise every single nail – even get the initials of the hot players you’re crushing on! 😉

All the nails shown above are acrylic, which are long lasting, and have to be maintained every 3 weeks or so. The process may be a little cumbersome, but ladies, it is so worth it!

If you’re not feeling particularly brave to go all out by showing some love on your nails, you can still get a fab customised manicure that can last you for ages. Or better yet, get an edgy look with their wide range of hair colours and unique hairstyles. We personally think they weave magic, you should totally see our hair xx