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Think you had everything at Monkey Bar by now because you’re a regular at Wood Street? Well, think again because Monkey Bar Indiranagar is a whole new ball game. You aren’t a regular if you aren’t a regular at this joint too.

Of course Wood Street has it’s own charm and will always hold its special place as Luru’s first gastropub.. that is incomparable! But, having said that, here’s 5 reasons you need to drive the distance and swing with Indiranagar’s Monkey:

#1   S   p   a   c   e   – This fact cannot be ignored or argued against. Indiranagar packs a whole lot of extra elbow and breathing space, especially around the always occupied foosball and pool table, making recreation much more fun!

#2 Yum to the Tum – Grub that’s exclusive only to this haunt! I mean imagine never trying the Goan Chorizo Pav, The Parsee Orderlies’ Mutton Curry, Crab Rangoon, Gastro Burger, Chocolate Pot de Creme with Salted Caramel, Roasted Beet & Orange Salad + a huge array of sliders & pirogies (Polish dumplings) that don’t feature at Wood Street.


#3 Glug & Slurp  – Like the food, there are quite a few MoBar2 ONLY cocktails here including the ever so famous Ginger Rogers (that we hear has taken Delhi by storm), the Soulful Kadhee for your inner south indian and Green Glory that’s a refreshing cucumber/coriander concoction!

#4 Double Trouble – Two words. 2 bars. Upstairs Downstairs. More fun. More alcohol. Enough said.

#5 Location, location, location! – Come on, let’s face it, 12th Main Indiranagar? So much around, so much to do, so lively! Just the fact that it’s easily accessible when in the area, makes it desirable to us!

So many reasons, so little time, so get going already ‘cuz only then can you really say you’re a MoBar know-it-all. Otherwise.. meh, save it for someone else! x

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