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Our favourite week of the year is back, this time from 22nd till the 28th of Sept ‘14, and of course we couldn’t wait until it kicked off to preview the menu.

This year around, we chose the High Ultra Lounge experience. A ‘new kid on the block’ sorta lounge for the newbie Bangalorean. But we were pleasantly thrilled and taken aback with it’s not so freshie standard, service and intricately designed menu. Things perfected that restaurants with years of experience behind them haven’t managed yet.

So for restaurant week, like all the other participating restaurants, High has a vegetarian menu and a non-vegetarian menu. Both comprise of a whole 5 course meal, in which each course has options to choose one from. We sampled a bit of both, and you can request for that too! Click here for the full menu available for Restaurant Week.

What We Ate:


Course One (Veg. Menu)

  • Yasai Salad (above left) – This was a refreshing start to the meal, with crispy crunchy lettuce off set perfectly by the miso dressing which was innovatively sprinkled with fried oriental flowers. Yep, you read that right, and might we add, it was the best part of the salad.
  • Vietnamese Paper Rolls (above right) – These were like a spring and herb garden all rolled into a paper thin rice roll that absolutely melted the minute it touched your tongue. What we loved best about this dish though wasn’t the dish itself, it was the gorgeous spicy tangy mayo that the chef whips up especially for this appetiser. We finished the whole bowl.

Course Two 

  • Chi Chow Dumpling (Veg Menu.) – For a vegetarian palate according to us, there’s no better dumpling than a water chestnut one because it’s interesting texture stops the veggies from overwhelming the diner.


  • Onion & Pork Dumpling (Non-Veg Menu; above) – Softest meltiest pork dim sum with lovely hints of butter and onion. These little sacks packed a whole lot of surprise – a beautiful jus that filled our mouth when one was popped. Slurp!

Course Three

  • Sweet Corn & Coriander Butter (Veg. Menu; below) – Juicy American corn, sliced vertically into half and drenched in the nicest shichimi powder blended with buttery coriander. Excellent choice for any vegetarian foodie!


  • Fish Skewers with Vietnamese Herbs – PERFECTLY cooked fish at exactly the right consistency and bite is what makes this our favourite dish of the whole meal (this might also be because we love our seafood, but you get what we mean). Add covered the yummiest vietnamese sauce you’ll have tasted, and it’s a heart-winning must-have!

Course Four (Non-Veg. Menu; all below)

  • Stir Fried Noodles with Spicy Garlic Soy – Spicy and flavoursome, we’re very glad these were served. To be honest, this is that ‘no gravy or anything else needed’ sorta dish, which personally we love because we’re always in search of them.
  • Pok Choy with Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic – A safe choice as a side with your noodles or rice if you just need to have something. This was a usual stir fry veggies & greens with which one just can’t go wrong.


  • Vietnamese Yellow Curry with Steamed Jasmine Rice  – Beautiful creamy curry that took us to South-East Asia in an instant. You could taste every single bit of kaprao, lemongrass and the soft basa just disintegrated with an amazing melt quality.

Course Five (Dessert)

  • Banoffee Pie – If you love your toffee and have an extremely sweet tooth, you will love this.
  • Chocolate Mud Cake – This was more our kind because it wasn’t as sweet. Just the right sponge with the right air. Fluffy classic chocolatey goodness. A Perfect end note to this gastronomical symphony.

We think you should definitely try out High Ultra Lounge, but don’t just stop there. Click here to see all the Bangalore restaurants participating and reserve a table NOW. So stop drooling, and get booking!

See you at the table next to us xx

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