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District 6, a German inspired brewery recently opened their taps to the public. As the name suggests, the restaurant features six districts: Brew Tank Area; Beer Tank Area; Dining Area; Alfresco Area; Front Kitchen; and PDR (private dining room).


Apart from the dining area and a very well-stocked bar (we have your attention now, don’t we?) there are more sections like a wine and cheese section, deli section and private rooms where you can play your own music. Pretty cool, huh? The interiors are warm and earthy, but also elegant. Even though it has the ever so popular industrial finishing, the place still teleports you to a warm and cozy den that has a crackling fireplace.


Not only did we have the pleasure of trying all their beer and fresh cocktails, but we had some heavenly food to go with it. So, hold up – you ‘beer enthusiasts’ and ‘cocktail cravers’ are going to love this bit. They have an extensive list of cocktails and some delicious beers that are served according to your mood – you can go small by ordering tasters or go all out with a 2-litre boot. If you’re with a group, you can order barrels (yes, actual barrels) of 5 or 10 litres (Disclaimer: We do not promote this behaviour, however if you do order this tanker, we think you’re totally awesome).


What makes the drinks special is that some of the beer ingredients are straight from Germany and the juices aren’t from a carton, they are freshly made and you can literally taste the difference. The cocktails are unique and have a perfect balance between juices and alcohol; they’re not too sweet and not too strong. Just perfect.


What we drank:

  • Watermelon Basil Martini
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Mangosteen Martini
  • Wellington Island (kiwis, lime, mint, vodka)
  • Blood and Sand (whiskey, Thai ginger, chilli, lychee)
  • Sparkling wine cocktail (made by Leo, their resident mixologist after asking him to surprise us with something different)
  • The Liberator – their very own lager, which had the perfect blend. You just can’t have enough! After all, don’t we Bangaloreans love our lager?
  • The Chief – their wheat beer, which had a delish fragrance and tasted mild and fruity.


Moving on to the food, we tried dishes from the ‘grill district,’ ‘fry district,’ ‘German district’ and ‘not yet a district’.

What we ate:

  • Butter garlic chilli prawns – they came with a side of crisps that added to the great blend of flavours.
  • Pork yakitori on skewers – by far our favourite dish as the pork just melted the moment we took a bite and of course, the prawn crackers on the side didn’t hurt.
  • Lamb shank risotto Milanese – the meat was perfectly cooked and again, melted instantly.
  • German snail sausage – this mouth-watering grilled sausage came with German mash and roast gravy. This was definitely our second favourite dish.
  • Waffles with wild berry stew – a different twist to your regular waffles thanks to the stew, which was a very pleasant surprise. You’d think this dessert would be super sweet, but they got it just right.
  • Chocolate fondant cake – this dessert with a side scoop of ice cream is always a crowd pleaser and we weren’t disappointed. It was consumed in an embarrassingly short amount of time.


Oh and wait! Oktoberfest is starting soon, so District 6 will have a special Oktoberfest brew for all the beer lovers. We definitely recommend you to check the place out even if you’re far off from Malleswaram. Trust us, its still totally worth the drive.

Written by Nikita Mankani