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Yet another gem gets added in the glitzy crown that is called 100 feet road – The Black Rabbit (TBR). Of course, as per usual we had to go take a peek at it before it officially launched, so we could give you the first full fledged low-down on this shiny new spot.

If you’ve driven down this road in the last few weeks, you’ve definitely spotted the signage. You can’t miss it. The lit up marquee draws you in at first glance. When we entered, we breathed a sigh of relief at how different TBR’s personality was amidst all the happening nightspots of Indiranagar. It’s just what the 12th main Gods ordered.

It’s the ceiling that first takes your breath away. Placed on beautiful grey patterned tile, are sixteen beautiful giant bells, all hand painted and customised to ‘wow’ at entry. What comes to mind is ‘classy deli’.. but then the more time we spent there, it became evident that this place could totally transform into a hip brunch scene, or a quiet romantic dinner spot as well. We love the range it sings across – a quality that is also reflected in their menu which boasts a vast array of good grub that isn’t one particular cuisine.

What We Ate:

Smoked Salmon – Undoubtedly the dish of the night for us, this lovely take on cold salad was absolutely refreshing, with the right balance of dill dressing and a perfect smokiness from the fish.


Crispy Fried Mozzarella – A lovely option if you’re a vegetarian. This is a nice crunchy salad to kick start any meal. We especially loved the zing that the pomegranate reduction added to it.

French Trimmed Ponzu Chicken Wings – These juicy wings were full of surprise. The Japanese inspired marinade added a perfect touch to an already classic dish. The pan-asian twist was interesting and left us wanting more.

Baked Stuffed Filo Parcels (foreground below) – These pouches of yummy mushrooms, spinach and mature cheddar cheese hit the spot all right! The best part of this vegetarian dish is the filo pastry being so paper thin that it almost breaks away and melts at the slight touch of your tongue.


Baked Asian Duck Samosas (background above) – Again, with the crispiest and thinnest outer layer we’ve ever seen on a samosa, this starter is perfect if you love your duck. The meat is well cooked, and makes this Indo-Asian fusion snack completely finger lick worthy.

Bacon & Cheese Bombs (pictured above/bottom right) – Bacon. Enough said. These spring rolls had the meltiest cheese mixed with the meat. This was definitely our pick from all the deep fried goodies. The paper thin roll had the pig to cheese ratio bang on and we couldn’t get enough of these babies.

What made the above treats pop out was the vast array of sauces/dips that the TBR has concocted. Special shout out to the tomato mustard – a gorgeous blend of both flavours. We wanted to dip EVERYTHING in this. No jokes.


Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding – This dessert that comprised of delish soft sponge flavoured big with caramel/toffee flavours is a safe and sound bet if you want a classic sweet cake with ice cream. We preferred the cake without the sauce it came with, because that’s when it hit the right amount of sweet tone.


Deconstructed Key Lime Pie – This amazing twist on yet another classic dessert left us stupefied. From the presentation, to the carefully constructed white chocolate domes, the lemon gastric scattered with the meringues to the beautiful crumble that the lime soufflé rested on, this citrus filled dessert satisfied every taste and desire. Double thumbs up, and a definite re-order for the next time!


What is also worth a mention about the menu is the cute little touch that TBR has given to it by animal sketches/icons next to each dish picturing what meat it is. It made for easier reading and ordering and we’re sure meat lovers AND vegetarians will appreciate this!

The Black Rabbit is yet to officially launch, but they won’t turn you away if you want to have a meal at this burrow.

Follow all their updates on their FB page here or call 080 42415575 to reserve a table.

Happy munching! xx

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