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There’s a new store in town thanks to Luru’s very own Sana Rezwan Sait. It’s called Indelust and it brings with it, a twist! It brings to you fashion for men/women, art, and goodies for your home. What makes them different is that they’ve made it their vision and goal to increase awareness of art and design from the Indian sub-continent (woot woot!). About time we get some recognition don’t you think?! Apart from that, they strongly believe in ethics, which is kind of, sort of..absolutely awesome!


Here’s how they do it:

– They’re encouraging designers to manufacture ethically, while making sure artisans earn a sustainable living.

– They’re going to totally avoid disposable fashion and want a positive social impact.

– Regular monitoring of practices with help from a partnership with an international NGO – Nest, who will ensure the production is ethical.

– Follow the code of ethics created by Nest and Indelust.

– Currently work with AIACA i.e. All Indian Artisan and Craftworkers Association.

– Wanting to work with artisan groups that live in economically disadvantaged communities.

To know more about how they take their ethics seriously and how their suppliers go about their work – the right way – visit the website! You’ll also be able to see a list of designers and their collections.

We’re pretty excited about this store as it brings awareness to unfair practices and how they are helping out. So, you can shop absolutely guilt-free knowing how your stuff is being made. Phew!

Images courtesy Indelust FB page

Written by Nikita Mankani