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We haven’t ventured out to Koramangala in quite some time, but what a day and place to pick! Indigo Live Music Bar’s hype was well known, but our expectations were very different from what we experienced!

It was an absolute plethora of lovely captivating ambience, a panoramic view of Koramangala to take in and the most gorgeously classy food and cocktails that side of town.


One look at their TV screen and sound system, and we knew we would stay back for the football viewing as well. The pixels did total justice to United’s legends and we quickly discovered it was quite the spot for crowds to watch sport on the weekend.

What We Drank:


Lost Dream (above) – Being whiskey lovers, we stated that it would be near impossible to give us a unique cocktail which wouldn’t be the likes of a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned. The bartender took up the quest, and delivered us such deliciousness in a glass – whiskey, freshly squeezed orange juice, vanilla syrup, Jagermeister with a splash of soda and finished off with (are you ready for this?),Worcestershire sauce. We were completely bowled over with this concoction and it’s innovation.

What We Ate:


Arancini (above left) – These crunchy deep-fried dumplings were flavoured with basil risotto, which we thought was particularly interesting. The tomato compote that it comes perched on provides the perfect tanginess which tastes beautiful with the cream cheese garnish on the plate as well.

Burnt Garlic & Cheese Parcel  (above right) – Filo parcels perched on zingy red pepper mayo that are bursting with cheesy goodness that is too good to be true were probably our favourite appetiser, even though we’re hard core carnivores. These are an absolute must-order and re-order!


Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls (above left) – This oriental take of classic ham and cheese left us wanting another plate. These spring rolls resounded warmth and the taste of feel-good comfort food along with the gorgeous in-house fresh mustard sauce.

Green Peas & Corn Tikki (above right) – A good option if you’re veg, this is a different sort of take on a hara bharra kabab. What we liked was the crust being paper thing and crisp to the core while the filling melted in your mouth.


Chicken Karaage (above left) – This Japanese inspired chicken was cooked to perfection with the right amount of juices exploding on a bite. It was tender and moist with amazing spice in the batter that went very well with the spicy mayo it was served with.

Caprese Risotto (above right) – Not particularly risotto lovers, we loved that the chef took up the challenge and served us up with one for main course. it was the perfect blend of the flavours of our favourite Italian salad with our favourite staple food.

What we loved was that the rice was the exact amount of al dente that a risotto needs and the creaminess brought it’s game. The garnishes were extremely thoughtful and full of technique with 3 different textures of mozzarella perched on top of each bowl. The three separate bowls was a nice touch as they could be shared across the table comfortably.


Lemon Praline Cheesecake (above) – A nice citrusy dessert for diners who love tartiness, cream and crunch. It’s a beautiful balance of roasted caramelised praline and gooey yogurt-ish cheesecake.

After this delish meal, the lights came on, the bar lit up and the atmosphere was perfect for some epic football at sunset and it was now time to re-order our new favourite whiskey cocktail.

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