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4.15pm @ Red Bull Tour Bus – Madboy Mink for their ‘funky swing’ (literally) on music. What’s better than kickstarting with some notorious electronic?

5.00pm @ Bacardi Arena – Houdini Dax (below) – Hailing from Cardiff (UK), the Britpop melodies these three perform, that draw influences from The Beatles with a twist of post-modern, are definitely on our list.

5.50pm @ The Dewarists – An Argentinian-born Australian Appleonia a.k.a Jessica Kahn for soothing female vocals and a relaxing vibe to set us up for the hectic evening!

6.40pm @ MTS Discover – French duo ‘As Animals’ (below) is next up! They could be called indie, pop or dreamy alternative rock. It’s for the listener to decide.


7.20pm @ The Dewarists – Peepal Tree. They describe their music best as Indian melodies sitting on funk grooves with overtones of electronica. This combo sounds extremely interesting to our ears. Plus, they’re from Bangalore and it’s their first big break. There’s no way I Heart BLR is missing this one. Namma ooru and all that.

8.20pm @ Red Bull Tour Bus – The Supersonics;a rock ‘n’ roll band from Kolkata. We’ve seen them before, and want to see them again, only because of their catchy tunes and live energy! Perfect pre-show stopper band.

9.00pm @ Bacardi Arena – Oh lord please Bhayanak Maut (below). We don’t normally do metal. We know not too many do, but hey this is Bangalore and Bhayanak Maut’s in town okay. You just have to check these headliners out. They’re legends in their own right. They need to be heard!


Just in case you don’t want to listen to our expert advice here’s the whole shebang for you to plan your own day (bleh).


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Compiled by Sanchita Wahi