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Titled ’ Our Metropolis’, this documentary captures the city from 2008-2013, a period of dramatic transformation: the building of the Metro, the proliferation of swanky malls and gated communities; alongside the destruction of homes and livelihoods and the shrinking of the city’s green cover.  This period witnessing escalated conflict between authorities and city residents basically forms the narrative thread of the film.


A range of city residents are the crux of this doc – environmentalists, activists, academics, community workers, and those affected by ‘development,’ challenged the State’s ideal of the global city. We won’t tell you anymore because this needs to be watched to feel the goosebumps we felt when we saw the trailer here.

An old Bangalore landmark, Everest Talkies after going through a serious refurbishment has yet managed to retain true ‘heart’ and win back Bangaloreans. They have brought us the most intruguing documentaries through the initiative that they put together with Vikalp Bangalore earlier this year that screened a documentary once every month, and December is no exception.

What can be better than a Bangalore based documentary done by a Bangalore based director? We’ll tell you. It being screened at a Bangalore based heritage theatre.
So we strongly urge you to hurry up and head on over to witness amazing people, soul stirring cinematography and an even more dynamic message to take away with you.
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