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For our next Christmas recommendation, we headed down to Sancho’s for some Tex-Mex spin on the holidays, and as usual, we were not disppointed.

What We Ate:


Christmas Taco Salad (below) – Take some fresh green apple, pineapple, orange and greens and stir it all up in citric Serrano vinaigrette. What do you get? One hell of a tingly, fresh, sweet, sour yet spicy salad! This dish literally encapsulates the elements of different textures, colours and tastes. What’s even more amazing is, they have an option of topping it with habanero soy (for you veggies out there) OR smoked turkey (which was smoked to perfection and according to us the best part of the dish).


Duck Taquitos topped with Orange Sour Cream (below) – Marinated in guajillo chili, this tender melt in your mouth duck is served on a homemade tortilla base. What we loved was the tangy pickled onion strip on top that gave it the right zing and acidity. Please tell them to hold the sour cream, if you want to taste the duck in all it’s glory.


Chicken Roulade – Okay, so we love our roulades and are super fussy about them. How they flavour, cut, break and melt. Sancho’s managed to make us smile. Their stuffing had a big punch of gorgeous flavours from authentic Mexican chorizo, apple, sage and torta bread.


The cranberry jus topping the roulade had the right balance and was just enough. The sides were as good as the main component. The sweet potato mash (an amazing twist) is probably the best one we’ve had in a long time, given that the sweetness was the right amount of subtle and not too overpowering. The vegetables were seasonal and prepared to perfection in our opinion. Sancho’s managed to make us eat our brussel sprouts without even thinking, and that’s saying something.

They have a nice sounding version of a mexican lasagne for entree in case you’re the non-meat eating kind 🙂


Glazed strawberry + Spiced & Brandied Cookie Stack – This was as good as it looked. The chocolate cream that held the whole dish together was fluffy and yum as well. We think the strawberries could’ve tasted much more nicer if a little more chilled, but hey, that’s just us being fussy. A definite re-order, the cookies were moist and fresh tasting and who doesn’t love a sweet sugar sprinkle of Christmas cheer on top!


Chocolate Tres LechesFirstly, don’t dig into this comparing it to the classic Tres Leches Sancho’s does. It’s not fair. This might share the same name, and the same concept, but this is a chocolate cake dessert in its own right and according to us a completely different genre. It wasn’t over-sweet or over-soggy (is that even a thing?) and we absolutely licked every bite off our dessert spoon. Obviously order this, if you have a chocolate against fruit preference.

This merry menu is being served since the 18th of December and will be available till the end of this month. Trust us, this is a holiday meal you don’t want to miss xx

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