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Our lovely little Bangalore has fairly amazing weather throughout the year  and we’re super well known for it! This is still our favourite season though, and not just because of the festivities, but because of the more than usual chilly weather! We kind of have an obsession with knitwear and jackets (oooh layering! yay!), which is why we think sweater weather is the best kind!

We’ve put together a few of our favourite outerwear styles that can be worn in the day and at night. Lucky for us, a lot of restaurants and bars in Bangalore have outdoor areas, which calls for cozy knits and jackets.


Let’s start with leather jackets, which by the way, we absolutely adore. You may think Bangalore weather isn’t cold enough, but we disagree. We’ve been wearing them at night because a) they keep you warm b) look so fab c) they go with almost any attire d) Bonus: no one will mess with ya 😉 ha.

We’ve also picked out varsity style jackets because they’re just plain cool since forever. Who says only men can rock them? Next, we have a chunky bright red sweater, which can be worn with a necklace if you want to amp it up. Moving on, the classic – denim jacket; they’re back with a bang and are perfect for the day when it’s not too cold. Lastly, we have two sweaters which can be worn at night thanks to the sparkles and stitched-in necklace detailing.

Take a pick from these 6 types of outerwear or heck, buy them all 😉 Stay warm and more importantly – in style!

Shop List:

Denim jacket – Forever New
Varsity jacket- Mango
Leather jacket – Zara
Necklace sweater – Zara
Sparkly black sweater- Mango
Chunky red sweater – Mango

Compiled by Nikita Mankani