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Yet another store joins the Bangalore gamut of shiny glam boutiques, and this time it’s selling everybody’s favourite – CHOCOLATE! Launched by Bangalorean entrepreneur Rashmi Vaswani, this boutique is right next to Chancery Pavilion. Just look for the fancy awning outside with the lush green. Very cute.


The store’s homemade chocolates are any way high quality but what we love is the gorgeous packaging they have. The chocolates, that come in a wide range of boxes and flavours can be customised according to your preferences. Delicious chocolate plus packaging of our choice?Yes please!

The interiors are pretty sweet (buahaha pun) with the subtle wallpapers, classic marble flooring, and panels of wood that are intricately cut out with lights shining through beautifully.


Rage’s launch collection includes the Queen Box, Lace Box, Athena Collection and many more, which can be made to any flavour. But as of now, they’re only available in the most popular flavours – almond and butterscotch. We’re not complaining, because it’s still chocolate, right?

Other flavours we absolutely adored were – salted caramel, marble chocolates with filling, caramel twist, green tea chocolates, Brazilian hazelnut, cinnamon and cardamom, and chillie chocolates. You definitely need to try out these unique combinations, especially the green tea one. Why, you ask? Because green tea is healthy, which means the chocolate must be healthy, therefore we can happily indulge in our ‘healthy’ sugary treats guilt-free 😉 and you’re welcome.


What’s even more cool is, judging by the look and feel of the store and product, you’d never think these were reasonable, but they ARE! The price range of the chocolates boxes are from Rs 200/- onwards. No pocket burn! Win.

Written by Nikita Mankani