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Bangaloreans have always been used to brilliant weather. SO used to it that it’s pretty much taken for granted. However, we think Luru felt a bit offended this year and gave us a proper heating up. Burn!

Not being used to these harsh conditions, we Bangaloreans often find ourselves quite ill-equipped to handle the heat. But don’t worry, I Heart BLR and VitaMe did all the research and found a few ways for you to beat the heat in Luru!

Choose Cotton

Do away with the fancy silk and satin (or even worse polyester.. shudder!). Pastel linen and lightweight cotton are breathable and help keep you cooler than anything else you’d wear in the name of fashion. Trust us. Besides there’s too many cute clothing lines out for the summer. You can’t not indulge in a new wardrobe 😉


Float Away

If you are a member, or bestie with one, get into that country club and gain access to the pool! Swimming lazily, neck deep in water has always been an efficient method to keep the scorch away.


Grab the Metro Instead

We Bangaloreans tend to spend half their day stuck in mind numbing traffic and nothing aggravates that frustration more than a literal rise in temperature! We strongly recommend avoiding the usual auto ride to work. Try and contain most of your commute within the cool, air conditioned confines of Namma Metro!


Shop Till You Drop

Give yourself a whole day off and head to UB City or Garuda Mall and spend a fruitful, lazy day treating yourself to everything that catches your eye and lightens your purse! Nothing helps one forget the havoc the sun is wreaking more than a day spent shopping within the wintry confines of a mall.


Most Importantly… Stay Hydrated!

Making sure you get ample liquid in your system regularly is a sure fire way to beat the heat. Try different ways to do the same so as to not make it feel too monotonous. We swear by vitamin water because it’s so darn yummy while doing your body a hell of a favour.


Our present fav at the mo is a step ahead though. VitaMe ‘enriched’ water doesn’t have just your average vitamins, it boasts, minerals, herbal extracts, anti-oxidants and fibre. Basically doing what water, tea and fruit juices do, all in one! Each flavour has it’s unique properties, and helps you and your body in a unique way. Want better skin and hair? Have the apple one. Stressed out or anxious? Break open the Litchi-Mint and you’re set 🙂

What makes it even more awesome is it’s low calorie, so you can always fit into that favourite summer dress. So don’t forget to pack a bottle along with your sunglasses and sunscreen this summer season! x


This post is a promotional feature by VitaMe nutrient enriched water.

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