Bengaluru goes Bawa! – Why SodaBottleOpenerWala is winning hearts, one edu at a time.

It’s not surprising that Bangalore has warmed up to this Parsi joint so quickly! We’ve been dying for the Bawa hospitality and to be fed by their magic hands ever since we tasted our first ever dhansak as a kid.


From the quirky logo of Mister Rustomji (with the classic chequered pattern) welcoming us while he looks at us from over his stereotypical spectacles, to the cutest Bombay style bakery complete with rustic biscuit jars to the little tin kettle fountain in the corner pouring out water, everything made us smile.


If you’ve ever lived in Bombay, or if the city holds a special place in your heart, this takes you down memory lane instantly. The pangs of nostalgia pertaining to the bustling Iranian cafes of Colaba is all that you think of. You can literally smell the raspberry soda from the Baugs. What caught our eye was the inclusion of the stain glass artwork of an old time favourite, Duke’s lemonade on top of the bar. The adorable toy train that choo-choo’s all around the diner’s heads is pretty amusing too we think.


What We Drank

Bawaji Nu Thullu – A mix of vodka, gin, rum and tequila, this was a real kicker. Sol of Colaba – Vodka with hints of the ever so famous Kokum flavour of Maharashtra, this was absolutely desi yummy.
The Parsiana – Sweet sweet berries with old monk. There’s only a few things in life that are better than that.


Sekanje Bin – Part of their ‘No Daaru’ menu, surprisingly, this one stood out the most. A total signature and must-order for anyone who loves their drink. Why not try asking them for a ‘spiked’ version if you’re not one for a non-alcoholic beverage?


What We Ate:

Aloo aunty’s vegetable cutlet (veg) – Crispy and interesting, and definitely one that a vegetarian would completely relish. The tikki is encased with many more surprises than you think.
Spicy Mushroom on Khari (veg) [below] – The name explains it all. It was one dish that we see re-ordering over and over again, just for that flaky khari biscuit and creamy topping!


Chicken Farcha – By far one of the best appetisers we had. We didn’t think a batter fried chicken that size would still be succulent and juicy. This place proved us wrong. Beautiful spicy batter with the right amount of crunch and oil. Triple thumbs up!
Kolmi Fry – This is a nice option if you’re fond of shellfish. It’s a sort of take on ‘bhajji’ (pakoras) and the chutney makes it quite interesting.


Bhendi Bazaar Sheekh Parantha – Undoubtedly our chosen main course. We could indulge in this sinful parantha and kabab any day, any meal, any time. The complexity of this dish is, that it is just so simple. LOVE it.
Mutton Dhansak – A Bawa experience is really not Iranian enough without ordering this dish. It was really more of a ceremonious habit than anything else, but oh man. The meat was cooked to melty perfection and the rice had the perfect consistency.
Apple Pie (below) – Probably one of the best apple pies we’ve sampled. We can’t describe the perfect pie. We can only tell you to go have some.. and pour extra custard on it. Trust us. Crusty, crumbly, beautiful!


Toblerone Mousse (below) – A lovely concept, this dessert is sure to satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving. The texture is flawless and the beautiful crackly choc biscuit along with the piece of Toblerone is sheer sin!



They’re located at Lavelle Road, Bangalore.
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And please remember these rules if you do happen to visit! x


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