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Devil’s Circuit Bangalore: Time to Get Muddy!


Mud runs are a very new, very awesome addition to Bangalore’s fitness scene.  If you haven’t done one yet, find some friends, and plan to do one this year.

What is a mud run?  It’s a race with various fitness based obstacles placed along the way.  The obstacles can be anything from mud pits, to rope climbs to climbing through barbed wire…you will never know what to expect!

The next race is Devil’s Circuit on November 1.  They don’t release specific details until closer to the race, but we DO know that it is going to be a 5K distance with 15 obstacles.

You don’t have to run it competitively…most people (myself included) just run it with friends or by themselves for fun.  It is definitely difficult, but so so worth it.  Also, people will be there to help you if you get stuck or need some moral support!

Not in the best shape? That’s fine…you are not required to do the obstacles.  You can usually speak to race staff and they will usually re-direct you or give you an alternative task to do.  (example: don’t want to do the rope climbs? They may make you do 20 push-ups instead) 

If you want to register, do it quickly!  The original running times had all been filled, but the organisers have JUST released new time slots and openings.

Now, before you register, think about how you want to run the race.  You have two options:  Competitively and Non-Competitively

Competitively means, you are running this as a race. You are doing the course alone and as fast as possible.  It also means you are fit, fierce, and strong enough to handle all the obstacles alone.   You are doing it for the glory.

Non-Competitively means you are running this as an event.  You want to finish the course, but you don’t care how long it takes you, and you don’t care how many people help you (or how many people you may need to help).  You are doing it for fun.  (this is the one I’m doing with my friends!)

Please choose the correct category, Bangalore! We don’t want to see anyone get to the first obstacle, look around in shock and horror, and have to walk back to the starting line…crying.

Register for their Bangalore race through their Facebook page here

Happy Mudding xx


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