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I Heart BLR’s Essential Checklist for sleeping Under The Stars!

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We’ve compiled a checklist for all you beautiful people who are helping out and have signed up for Under The Stars 2015. We don’t want our do-gooders to arrive at Indiranagar Club unequipped and having to deal with any sort of last minute crisis (Read OMG, I forgot my pillow. Damn my arm’s going to wake up numb now). So here are all the necessities:

  • A chatai or mat to keep your derrier in check
  • Sleeping bag for you fancy campers or a cushy warm blanket for the newbies
  • Pillow (optional), but like we said, we don’t want you waking up all cranky!
  • Warm clothing just to be safe and comfy
  • Raincoat (it’s Bangalore, you never know!)
  • Sensible footwear (yes, we understand heels aren’t NOT sensible, but hey, please chappal or flat shoe this one?)
  • Mosquito repellent because let’s not rough it out too much?
  • Sufficient moolah for all the yummy food and drink stalls (no one’s gonna lend you anything once they see what’s selling!)
  • Games – could be cool app ones on your phone, or maybe a good ol’ box of Taboo 🙂

Most importantly, please bring your sense of adventure because honestly, then forgetting some of the above won’t matter 🙂

Please buy your passes, if you haven’t already. Just click here and BOOM! Thank you for helping us help the needy xx