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Gone are the days when rainy and downcast weather means no ice cream, because that’s just how good ice cream options in the city are getting, and we don’t have the strength to stay away! Art of Delight is a fine case in point. With the advent of tiny dessert cafés sprouting up all over the city serving desserts with contemporary western flavors at steep prices, the reasonable prices and truly indulgent desserts of Art of Delight are a welcome change!

So lets delve into their menu.

Apart from the regular flavours of ice cream you might find elsewhere, they also have more contemporary options like a red velvet scoops (this is THE REAL DEAL – with little chunks of cream cheese in it) and salted caramel scoops. They also serve some really decadent sundaes such as the cara-meltdown (which was a bit too sweet for our likes, but we know a lot of people who would just love to enjoy that extreme sugar rush). The classic hot chocolate fudge is a safe bet but if you’re in a particularly Nigella-esque mood you HAVE TO try the deep fried snickers sundae (they have a deep fried Oreo sundae too!). Can anyone say “delicious heart attack on a plate”? Ha!


They whip up some delicious milkshakes and desserts in a jar like cheesecakes, mousse, Mississippi mud pie; just to name a few. BFH’s fav has got to be the Nutella cheesecake. Hands down.

In addition to these sugary delights, the menu also boasts of a small variety of hot and cold beverages, as well as some savoury snacks which are passable.

All in all, Art of Delight is something we can’t get enough of and its well worth a repeat visit. Or two. xx

More Info:

Where: FM Cariappa Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
FB Page: Click here.


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