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FullSizeRender (6) Hey Bangalore!  Ready for this week’s HIIT workouts?  Remember, one of these can be done at home, the other at a gym.

At Home: 

 I’m giving you two excellent circuits (and by “excellent,” I mean…they almost killed me).  Combine them however you want to keep it fresh all week!

Give yourself one minute of rest between each circuit, and click on the movement to see an example if they are new to you:

Circuit A: 

10 inchworms or 5 wall walks
10 Full Depth Squats
15 second Right Arm Plank 
15 second Left Arm Plank
(or 30 second full plank) 

Circuit B with a jump rope:

One minute single skips or double-unders
Rest 30 seconds
One minute alternating foot skips
Rest 30 seconds
One minute forward straddle skips
Rest 30 seconds
One minute single skips or double-unders

So, mix it up however you want! Just try to do at least three circuits and REST ONE MINUTE between each, follow the sample schedule if you’re confused:

Workout Combo: Circuit A (one minute rest)
                                  Circuit B (one minute rest)
                                  Circuit A (go take a shower)

Workout Combo: Circuit B (one minute rest)
                               Circuit A (one minute rest)
                               Circuit B (shower)

Workout Combo: Circuit B  (one minute rest)
                                Circuit B (one minute rest)
                                Circuit B (cry…this one would hurt)

Don’t have a jump rope?   Do “Circuit A” three times, and start building yourself a home gym.

At The Gym:

Circuit A:

Back Squat (20 seconds)
rest 10 seconds
Push Press (20 seconds)
rest 10 seconds 
Repeat 4 times and rest one minute

Circuit B:

Dead Lift (20 seconds)
rest 10 seconds
Bicycle Crunches (20 seconds)
rest 10 seconds
Repeat 4 times and rest one minute

Repeat Circuit A 
Repeat Circuit B

About your weights: Weights should be challenging enough that you are repping out at the end of the time interval.  If you’re losing form, lower your weights or go slower!

Leave your experiences in the comments, or follow me on Instagram and tag me in your post with #iheartHIIT

Where can you find classes that incorporate HIIT circuits and weights? 

Namma Crossfit, Cunningham Road

No. 35/2, 5th Floor, Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar
Phone: +91 88842 00984
Follow them on Facebook here
Website here


Namma’s box on Cunningham Road

The Tribe, Indiranagar

No. 307 100 feet road, Indiranagar
Phone: +91-9902003001
Follow them on Facebook here
Website here

Happy HIIT-ing xx