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Quick and Un-Easy workouts: An intro to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Are these workouts quick? Yes!

Are they easy? No!  A workout should NEVER be easy.  If at some point during these circuits, your body doesn’t say, “hey…are you mad at me?” you’re doing something wrong.

Every week I will post a body weight HIIT circuit, and one that can be done at the gym or with equipment.  These can easily be added into any workout program, and take less than 20 minutes to finish.

hiit bannerHIIT at Home: Minimal to no equipment required

3 rounds of: 

40 seconds high knees OR jump rope
20 seconds rest
40 seconds squats (full depth)
20 seconds rest
40 seconds pushups
20 seconds rest
40 seconds high knees OR jump rope
20 seconds rest
40 seconds jump squats
20 seconds rest
40 seconds tricep dips
20 seconds rest

HIIT At The Gym: Equipment required

Recommended weight for Thrusters: 40 kg for  men/ 30 kg for women with dumb bells or barbell

PLEASE NOTE: these weights are for people who lift regularly…if you cannot do 7 thrusters unbroken (without putting the weight down) lower your weights on the bar!

3 rounds of:

 7 thrusters
7 pushups
30 seconds rest

3 rounds of: 

5 thrusters
5 pushups
20 seconds rest

3 rounds of:

3 thrusters
3 pushups
15 seconds rest

This should not take you longer than 12 minutes.  If it does, your weights are too high

Note: You can substitute sit-ups for the push-ups if you don’t regularly workout your arms!

Alright Bangalore, how did that go for you?  If you didn’t feel like dying at some point during these circuits, you need to up your intensity and go through the movements quicker.

Leave your experiences in the comments, or follow me on Instagram and tag me in your post with #iheartHIIT

Where can you find classes that incorporate HIIT circuits and weights? 

The Tribe, Indiranagar

No. 307 100 feet road, Indiranagar
Phone: +91-9902003001
Follow them on Facebook here
Website here


The Crossfit “box” at The Tribe in Indiranagar

Namma Crossfit, Cunningham Road

No. 35/2, 5th Floor, Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar
Phone: +91 88842 00984
Follow them on Facebook here
Website here

Happy HIIT-ing xx