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04_JPGBangalore based 27 Décor Street is an online platform for buying furniture, home decor, lighting, and even art. The website was launched by mother and son Nishu and Dhruv Jouhari. From modern to vintage to quirky to classic, there’s a wide range of products to pick from. Oh, and you’ll find stunning paintings by PR Rathod and more.

The e-commerce world is filled with shopping platforms that sell everything under the sun. However, 27 Decor Street strictly and painstakingly ensures their customers receive the best of quality and design. For example, Dhruv and his team go through various levels of product checks and quality control. Raw materials are studied, manufacturers’ facilities are visited, and a final check on composition and quality provides the customer with nothing but the best.

This venture consists of individuals that have over 20 years of combined experience in the furniture industry, which means they truly understand the product and the customer.

Decor product of the monthAlicante Candle Stand

Apart from the high quality of products, the service is reliable throughout the whole shopping experience.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your home or your bar or even your office space, 27 Decor Street does the job for you. After all, as they state, “Furniture and décor pieces have increasingly gained importance as they are an expression of character and a personal statement!” We couldn’t agree more.

Products we loved:

  • Leaf Chair
  • Elpis Bar Stool
  • Risen Candle Stand
  • Tanzanite Lamp Shade

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Happy home shopping! x