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Our favourite Mexican hotspot – Sancho’s – currently has a Blue Taco Festival that goes on until 15th November. Their chef (Vikas Seth) has prepared delicious and unique taco recipes that are perfect for your cravings. From the hard shell and soft shell to the beet and blue corn tacos, your palate is in for a treat.

Pair them with a chilled beer or a classic margarita, enjoy the background mariachi music, and you are (kind of) transported to Mexico. The menu is pretty impressive, as they have a wide range of tacos for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Oh, and go with an empty stomach because the portions are huge.

What we ate



  • Beer battered fish in beet tacos – yes, beet tacos. Apart from the colourful and inviting presentation, the added touch of beet made this taco one of our favourites. The shell was fresh, soft, and thin enough to be undeniably the best (from what we tried). There was also a slight kick of spice because of the salsa and jalapeño mayo. IMG_1405
  • Char grilled Serrano prawn tacos – this wafer thin hard shell was also one of our favourites. We were pleasantly surprised with the burst of flavours – sweet, sour, and chilli. The prawns weren’t overpowering with the coriander, the grilled pineapple salsa was just right, and the after taste of cheese completed the taco.
  • Arbol char grilled chicken tacos – another hard shell taco that had jalapeños and sour cream; a classic combination. We quite liked the blend of smokiness and chilli, however, we would’ve loved an extra dollop of sour cream.



  • Barbecued mushroom tacos – this crispy blue taco came with chunky and juicy mushrooms, crumbled mozzarella cheese, and a slightly chilli BBQ sauce, which we liked unlike the extra sweet BBQ sauces you find elsewhere.
  • Chipotle spiced green apple and pineapple tacos – everybody loves a little bit of chipotle, don’t they? This taco had a soft shell that went well with the crunchy green apple. The fruits weren’t too sweet thanks to the roasted tomato salsa. Definitely a unique veggie dish.IMG_1390
  • Smokey chipotle charred broccoli tacos – you may be surprised with the broccoli, but trust us, this taco was another one of our favourites. Apart from the chipotle, we loved how they included green beans and capsicum. The perfect end to this taco was the roasted garlic chips and sour cream.



  • Dulce de leche alfavor tacos – a bite sized dessert, which we found different, but also tasty. This eggless sweet treat is a spanish biscuit, which comes with glazed bananas, cajeta (Mexican confection) drizzle, and a cinnamon chocolate cactus! The cactus’ presentation was adorable and even better in taste. This dessert comes with lots of whipped cream and caramel (at the bottom). That being said there was a blend of sweet and salty; think of it as an exotic banoffee.

Where: UB City

Until when: 15th November

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