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Hey Bangalore!

MTV is back in Bangalore this week for the second season of “Ultimate Fitness Fan.”  Here’s the low down on what and where it is in case you want to check it out OR participate yourself.  And who knows…maybe one of you will be India’s next Ultimate Fitness Fan!

What happens exactly?

It is a a series of three competitive workouts: the fitness test, the semi finals , and the finals.

The fitness test is happening this week in three locations across Bangalore.  You will be given a score, and if you are among the top few hundreds of scores in India, you will receive an invitation for the semi finals in a few weeks.

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What is the fitness test like?

It will be a short 5-10 minute circuit.  Last year it was a workout that consisted of burpees, lunges and sit ups.  You need to cycle through the movements as quickly as possible in the time given.  Fitness Hack: Don’t look at the clock…time will literally feel like it’s standing still half way through the workout!

Who can do it?

Anyone and everyone who is interested! Age and ability do not matter, just go and check it out.  Oh, and it is free.  Excellent.

You just show up to one of the locations, give them your information, and wait until it is your time to complete the fitness test.  While you’re waiting…watch and cheer on the people going before you.  They’ll need all the support they can get!

When and where is it?

This Saturday October 10th.  Register here and show up at one of the three locations across Bangalore between 10:30 am and 6:30pm, and crush the workout!

Reebok Store Indiranagar 100ft road #2016 

Gold’s Gym JK Plaza 2nd Floor

Fitness First Oasis Center 4th Floor

Don’t forget to register on MTV’s website first and check there for any changes in location or timings.

What do we win?

The fitness test is only the first step of the competition, but after that, you can win merchandise and money depending on how well you do! Isn’t that awesome?

Is it intimidating or scary?  Will people laugh at me?

No!  I did it last year, and it’s a very supportive environment.  Everyone is there to have fun. And for the fitness test, there usually is not that big of a crowd.  Bring your friends and have them cheer you on!

If you give the fitness test a try, follow us on Instagram (@iheartblr) and share any photos or post-workout selfies!

Happy Lunging, Bangalore! xx