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We hope you’re all set for Halloween, but if not, we have some amazing last minute ideas that don’t involve a costume. We ourselves were still struggling with what to wear, so we figured, why not just make our faces and nails look cool-as-heck?

So, here’s a guide to spook-ify those mugs and (v)amp up a regular manicure.

Pout Like Never Before:

All you need for these looks (image below) is your make-up bag (lipstick, lip liner, eye liner) and maybe a tiny bit of face make up. Don’t forget to carry these with you when you go out! If you don’t have these colours, run out and get them at your local Health&Glow or Lakme salon. Have a little moolah to spare? Head on over to MAC Cosmetics or Clinique.


Wicked Talons:

If you can do these nails (image below) on your own – we applaud you! But since we’re better off writing about nails rather than painting them, we leave it to the professionals at Visage or Mirrors & Within.


Creepy and Chic:

Finally, let’s concentrate on just your face. Try out these uber-spooky makeup looks that have this sexy-evil vibe going on. Don’t worry, the boys won’t go running away 😉 However now you will need more than just your make up bag, but it’ll be worth it!


Who says Halloween is only about the costumes you wear? Be different with these last minute make up and ‘mani’ ideas. Have a spooky one xx