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Spinning classes. Most of us have been to one at some point in our lives. We all know what to expect when we get in there: find a bike, wait for the instructor, follow the directions, and don’t stop pedaling.

Well, Bangalore…I’m here to tell you about one gym that is taking the everyday spinning/cycling classes we are used to, and giving them a huge dose of innovation and adrenaline that will take your experience to the next, very sweaty, level.

Bangalore, allow me to introduce you to Spedals…the newest cycling gym you simply HAVE to experience yourself!


Spedals is influenced heavily by the new fitness craze that is Soulcycle.  If you haven’t heard about Soulcycle, or why people love it, read about it here.

The owners of Spedals loved the concept of the classes so much, they decided to bring it to Bangalore.  They’re just awesome like that.

I asked one of the owners of Spedals, Karvendhan Mani, what someone could expect in his classes, and this is what he had to say:

  You can expect to sweat.  A LOT!

It’s a 50 min, interval based workout where our instructors lead you through different innovative routines that are choreographed to carefully selected music. 

The classes are conducted in a dimly lit room to give our riders a sense of anonymity even in the midst of a group. Our rides are intense and you can expect to burn a minimum of 500 calories. In addition to cycling, each rider works with weights to tone up their arms and upper bodies as well.

We place great emphasis on keeping our rides exciting. With us, every ride is different for we change the workout flow and the playlist every single class.

Often, we go on candlelit rides where the studio is lit only by candle lights, as we believe candlelight offers a more spiritual dimension to the workouts.

Did you hear that, Bangalore?  An intense, innovative, and energetic cycling class lit by candlelight…sounds like the perfect night out to me!

In addition to the cycling classes, Spedals also offers Zumba AND dance aerobic classes.

So if you’re ready to be a part of the cycling phenomenon that is sweeping the world, strap yourself in, and go check out Spedals today!

See what they’re all about:


#768, 3rd Floor, 80 Feet Road,
4th Block Koramangala,
Bangalore – 560034
(Above Ruosh Showroom)
080 – 40910788

Find them on Facebook here!