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Hey Bangalore!  This week’s workout requires nothing more than a timer,  your floor, and an old back pack if you’re doing it at home.

Fill your backpack with whatever you have laying around, and say hello to your new workout buddy! (depending on your fitness level, it should weigh anywhere from 5-20 kgs)

Here are the movements…check them out before you do the workout:

Back squats (squats with the backpack on your back)

backpack back

Weighted push-ups (push-ups with the backpack on your back)

backpack 1


Front squats (squats with the backpack on your chest)


backpack front

Here’s your home workout:

Using your backpack as your weighted resistance, complete the following circuits

40 seconds back squats (as many as possible)

30 seconds push-ups (as many as possible)

40 seconds front squat (as many as possible)

30 second plank hold (with back pack on OR off)

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat five times

Finisher: Jump rope (250 skips)
High knees (120 reps) 

During the workout:

Be sure to keep your butt back on the squats, and if you start leaning forward, LOWER THE WEIGHT!  If your hips are sinking while doing the plank, LOWER THE WEIGHT!  Or take the back pack off completely.  In other words…Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

If you’re looking to get a workout in at the gym, do the same workout with a barbell for the squats, and a plate for the push-ups and the plank.


Co-owners of The Outfit Gym, Devrath  and Huzefa, practice their weighted planks…no big deal













Alright, Bangalore…hope your arms are shaking and legs quaking after that one.  I know mine were!

If you’re looking to amp up your home gym, and need some great ideas, check out our article on “Building a Home Gym!” 

And if you’re looking for a gym for strength and conditioning where you can do these kinds of workouts in a supportive group setting, be sure to check out The Outfit or Namma Crossfit…both places will leave you sweaty, breathless, and feeling like a bad ass.

The Outfit
# 9, 2nd Floor, 4th Cross,
C.M.R. Road,
H.R.B.R. 2nd Block
Telephone: +91 98862 85727
Find them on Facebook here

Namma Crossfit
Plot no-6, 1st ‘C’ Main Road
Sarjapur Main Road
Jakkasandra Ext 1st Block
Near Area Pacific public School
Find them on Facebook here