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Hoodlum: Bangalore’s Next Fitness Competition!

12305881_10153728662946684_65479086_nHey Bangalore! If you’ve been looking for a way to test your fitness AND make sweet cash, look no further.  Hoodlum is here!

What is Hoodlum?

Hoodlum is a fitness competition taking place over the next three weekends at either Namma Crossfit or The Hood.  The winners from each round will progress to the next set of workouts, and the top three win CASH MONEY.  Pretty sweet, huh?

When is Hoodlum?

The dates are as follows:

5th December – Round 1: CrossFit Trials

12th December – Round 2: Rowing and Psycling Trials

19th December – Finals: TOP 10 athletes from the aggregation of Round 1 & 2

How do you register?

You need to register with a manager at one of Namma’s facilities or with a manager at The Hood.

What does it cost?

1,800 for non members
1,200 for members of Namma or The Hood

What can I win if I dominate?

1st place gets 10,000
2nd place gets 5,000
3rd place gets 2,500

But really, the money isn’t important.  It’s all about the glory and opportunity to hang out with some of the coolest members of Bangalore’s fitness community.

Come check it out!

Happy Hoodlum-ing xx

Register at Namma Crossfit
Cunningham Road or Koramangala


At The Hood!