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The OutFit.

Be careful guys…this gym is not for the weak of heart, spirit, or mind.

Tucked away in Kammanahalli is one of Bangalore’s fiercest workout spots.  It has everything you could want in a gym: Trainers that are motivating yet demanding, and equipment that is hard and heavy.

How The Outfit is different: 

The OutFit is not a Crossfit gym.  It’s not.  They don’t care about points or scores. They care about making their gym members stronger and fitter. Here you can focus on developing aspects of strength and conditioning, without any of the competition or pressure some may feel in a Crossfit box.

What to expect:

The workouts are high intensity, and can cover a range of skills and/or movements.  They are not scored or timed, you are simply expected to finish the workout, and try not to die. Try really hard.

outfit1Who should check out The Outfit:

Everyone. Whether you’re a gym newbie or a fitness guru, they will make sure you feel challenged and supported the whole time you are there.

Even just being in the presence of the trainers is motivating, they are some of the fittest people I have ever met.  Like ever. This explains why they have won the title of “fittest gym” at this year’s Devil’s Circuit race.

You can check out their gym-ness on last week’s HIIT workout as well (they’re the ones looking awesome at the bottom)

So if you’re up for the challenge, or up for a change, go check out The Outfit in Kammanahalli!

Happy sweating xx

The Outfit

# 9, 2nd Floor, 4th Cross,
C.M.R. Road,
H.R.B.R. 2nd Block
Telephone: +91 98862 85727
Find them on Facebook here

Image courtesy – The OutFit