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There’s a new app in town, and it’s perfect if you’re a Luru Localite

The Brains Behind This

So what’s epic is, the idea of Localite was born between 4 Bangalorean friends. We absolutely love that. Karun, who is leading this initiative has extensive experience in international retail brands. Dev, is a tech mastermind, and has worked with Conde Nast. Sandeep brings the international work exposure from AOL & Rohan, a Luru-based architect who is epic with stores and retail design. What’s the one thing that ties them all together? They’re offline shopper extraordinares. Ha.

The Eureka Moment

Karun, the one with insane amounts of in-store experience with customers realised a lot of them wanted to sit at home and ask for product pictures to be sent to them via Whatsapp as that was the most convenient way. (Ummm , we’re definitely guilty of that too). You know, the asking for more products and price ranges so you can choose if the store has what you need (and if it was worth the effort and trip really).  Hence, boom. Let’s introduce Bangalore to an app that does exactly that for you. Your personal window shopper if you will. A nifty catalogue of all things local, right in your palm!

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.59.51 PM

The Low-Down

Localite is a two sided app. On one hand allowing offline retailers a chance to market their stores and products on a mobile platform (yeaaaah) and on the other hand for users like us, it’s just great to know at the click of a few buttons, the stores and all its products that are nearby. The beauty of Localite is that it’s location specific and extremely intelligent in recommending products to consumers based on popularity, freshness of product, proximity to user etc. etc. etc. Sounds too good to be true.

What’s Next?

So Localite has plans to integrate various features to make the app more interactive and beneficial for users and retailers alike – whether you’re a store owner, or a compulsive shopper it makes all of us happy!

What We Heart

They’re rooting for the local underdogs! They’re going to have this dedicated section for local retailers (Woot represent!) who are city specific. We love that the many home grown retailers who are facing stiff competition to the major Indian and Global brands have this to equal the playing field with the other biggies.

Get On It – NOW!

For those you who are keen explore the app and get more deets, here you go:

Download (Android)
Download (iOS)

View their website here or follow them on FB here and Instagram here.

For retailers who are interested to get listed, there is a section on the website which enables them to get in touch with the team to set up their store on Localite. Or, let’s make life easier for you, just click here already xx