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9 Fashion disasters men should not make in 2016

Trust me… you do not want to be called an ugly duckling. I talk from experience. All throughout high school  and a part of my college years my classmates used to call me a caterpillar. Well… caterpillar is just one of the names. Although how a human kid could resemble a larva is still a mystery to me.

Hello! My name is Prashant and I am a stylist. I like making people look and feel good . Ironic rite?

Well.. at least I make no pretense of being accurate and faultless.

Getting to the point.

Lets face it – good taste in clothes is not always a guy’s strength. With work life, love life, and everything else in between, it’s understandable that you don’t get time to check what’s IN and what’s OUT in a particular season. So developing a “FCS” (fashionably challenged syndrome) is is bound to happen. After all, fashion trends change faster than you think.

In this post I will throw light on a few horrific fashion disasters that men should never make and certainly not in 2016. Not unless you are Perez Hilton or Kanye West. Then you can get away with almost anything. Even if you show up wearing loudmouth golf pants, a couture jacket, Jeremy Schott shoes, and a Longchamp bag.

Lets proceed now –

1. Lose the deep V neck t-shirt : We get it. You go to the gym… you probably have a Greek God’s body or maybe you put a Greek God to shame, but your pumped up and hairy chest isn’t something that women want to see when they meet you first. So save that for bedroom.


2. Crocs – They are just a bad invention. Unless you are wearing it while taking shower or taking your dog out for a walk in the park.


3. White socks with dress shoes – It’s a fashion crime. Most men think wearing white socks with dress shoes is cool because “Michael Jackson” wore it. Well guess what; you are not MJ. White socks are meant to be worn only with sports shoes. So unless you are going to get involved into anything sporty! 3

4. Mismatched shoes and belt – There is only one rule you should remember when you are getting dressed. Match your shoes with your belt! 4

5. Hide your undershirt – If you decide to wear an under shirt then make sure it is not seen. It kills your look instantly. Unless you are layering in winters. 5

6. Ill fitted suits – Main purpose of a suit is to make you look sharp, clean, slick, and sophisticated. Suits are a classic, timeless piece of garment and it makes any man look dapper. However, if it does not fit your body type then it may end up looking like the opposite of all the fancy words that I have used above. So always invest in tailor made suits if you do not find a piece which fits you perfectly. 6

7. Ed Hardy t-shirts – As much as I love the fact that this brand is legendary and made some major history, wearing Ed Hardy graphic printed t-shirts will instantly make you look like a loser dad. So I highly advice not to wear anything that remotely looks like that. 7

8. Capri pants – Girls might get away with this but guys won’t be forgiven! 9

9. Over matched – Seriously dude! What are you? Govinda? 8