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The award winning UK theatre company “The HandleBards” are back in Bangalore after a successful tour in 2015. They bring to you a series of hilarious Shakespearean plays with the help of Organizational Theatre, a Bangalore based theatre and training company. With these two forces at play (pun intended), you will be left in tears of laughter.

handlebarsThe one and only Sir Ian McKellen (otherwise known as Gandalf or Magneto) describes The HandleBards as “uproariously funny” so you can imagine how awesome they’re going to be! What’s really cool about them is their uniqueness. For example, they say, “We do Shakespeare a bit differently – cycling from venue to venue and using our bikes to power various surprises and contraptions on-stage.” Another description sums them up pretty perfectly – ”4 men, 4 bikes and some pretty extreme Shakespearean adventures.”

So, for this year’s tour, you’ll be able to catch Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in various auditoriums around the city. Oh, and did we mention that both plays are directed by Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RAC) James Farell?

Dates and Location for both plays:

19th-20th January at Ranga Shankara

21st-23rd January – KEA Prabath Rangamandira

29th-31st January at Jagriti Theatre

Find The HandleBards on Facebook here.

Tickets are selling out, so hurry and book them here.

Image courtesy – The HandleBards