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What’s Happening?

So we’ve all read and heard the buzz around Whitefield’s newest mall VR Bengaluru (famously referred to as the Black Box on Whitefield Road by Bangaloreans), and they’ve taken it up a notch by recently announcing details of the inaugural edition of the Whitefield Art Collective! This is going to be the largest community art festival our city’s seen as it’s a month long initiative to catalyse civic pride in the heritage, art & culture that Luru’s known for.


Right, and when is this exactly?

VR Bengaluru will launch the Whitefield Art Collective presented in association with artchutney.com on February 13, 2016 . This will be open to visitors from February 13 until March 13 2016, so you have plenty of time to fit it right in!

The Art Connect


The mall already boasts a unique permanent art collection inspired by our city. They’ve got their courtyard rocking a huge Channapatna toys installation and their inside has a 100 ft mural depicting the history of the city. Other art includes Synergy by Dimply Menon, The Capsule by Thara Thomas and Seeds on the Left Bank of The River by Murali Cheeroth to name a few.


Our fav displays from the sneak peek have to be Chillies & Bubblegum God by Dr. Subodh Kerker (both pictured below), keep an eye out!



What else?

An Art Bazaar featuring affordable art and photography by emerging artists will also take place. What we’re looking forward to though, is a video installation featuring the work of eleven artists that will be screened in a pop-up lounge. 


We absolutely heart their attempt to focus attention on the issue of environment pollution with the VR Green Project along with this launch. What’s totally awesome is that the project features an electric vehicle painted by renowned artist Farhad Hussain, in an effort to celebrate a solution that offers citizens a mobility choice that is more sustainable. What’s even more awesome is, it will be auctioned at a later date with the proceeds being donated to a non-profit organization working on sustainability. Big ups!

The Tunage


Thalavattam will be performing live at Garden City. This is a unique percussion project that harnesses the universal power of music to inspire people to REDUCE, REUSE and RETUNE. We’re loving that they fashion their musical instruments from ‘found objects’ such as paint cans, PVC pipes etc. and mimic street drummers to create cutting edge sounds that inspire creative action for the planet. The concert is open to public and will commence at 6 p.m. on Saturday, February 13, 2016. Don’t miss it!

More Deets:

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