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Hey Bangalore!

After a much needed break, we are back to help you become the healthiest version of yourself just in time for spring.  This week’s workout is inspired by new movements and skills I picked up while working out with The Outfit’s expert trainers.

This workout can be done at home with no equipment, or at the gym if you want to add a little extra resistance to these already grueling movements.

Click on the movement, or check out the pictures below for any clarifications you may need on the parts of the workout.

Here’s the workout: 

Pike push up or standard push up 30 seconds
10 seconds rest
Double unders or single skips with jump rope 30 seconds
15 seconds rest
Jumping lunges forward or Alternating static lunges 30 seconds
20 seconds rest
Hand stand hold against wall/plank hold 30 seconds
25 seconds rest
Tuck jumps 30 seconds
30 seconds rest

Repeat 4 times


The elusive pike push up

If doing this in the gym, do the lunges with dumbbells for extra resistance.  If you don’t have a jump rope, substitute burpees for that portion of the workout!

Want the challenge of doing a HIIT workout combined with weights all within a welcoming class environment?  Check out one of the two strength and conditioning facilities in Bangalore.

Crossfit Genome
Cleveland Town
Find them on Facebook here

The Outfit
Find them on Facebook here