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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that Bangalore is in the height of a fitness explosion.  We’ve even been dubbed the fittest city in India.

And one of the biggest reasons things have gotten so fit recently is because of the fitness craze everyone loves to hate…Crossfit.

So what exactly is Crossfit?

To put it very simply…It’s a workout where you get a score at the end.

The movements  are explained at the beginning of the workout (called a WOD) and everyone in the class competes for the best score.

Now… I know you’ve all HEARD of Crossfit. Believe me, I know. But maybe it’s time you finally gave it try.  Check out one of these gyms and see what it’s all about:

1.  Crossfit Once More– Narayanapura


This box was originally opened to help fund a local children’s home, all the while helping people reach their fitness goals.  It’s got a HUGE floor plan with more space than you will know what to do with.

#IHBLoves: Introductory classes every second Tuesday of the month.  Very affordable rates.  Multiple lifting platforms.  Trainers who have worked and trained internationally.  

2. Crossfit Genome– Cleveland Town/Cox Town

This box offers high intensity classes that are an equal balance of strength training and conditioning.

#IHBLoves: They offer weekly monitoring of your body composition!  An easy way to measure and brag about your gains. Heavy  emphasis on strength skills. (no pun intended) 

3.  Crossfit Edge– JW Marriot

This box is run by one of Bangalore’s most well known fitness fanatics.  Harihara Palani.  I had the privilege of working out with him years ago, and he’s one of the most motivating and knowledgeable people I’ve come across in the industry

#IHBLoves: Amazing facilities and equipment.  Upbeat and motivating coaches to keep you moving when you want to give up.

4.  Crossfit For Sure– Kammanahali 

Run by an incredibly fit group of trainers who are passionate about what they do, this box is a definite “must see.”

#IHBLoves: Fully set up rigs with Olympic rings and up to date equipment.  Trainers who are incredibly dedicated to the sport of Crossfit.

5.  The Outfit– Kammanahali


Ok, so these guys are NOT a Crossfit gym.  But I had to put them on this list because I think they offer something that has not really been seen in this city before: A chance for someone to work on pure strength and conditioning without
the pressure or competition of a Crossfit WOD.

#IHBLoves: Some of the fittest and most knowledgeable trainers in the city.  (They were even named Bangalore’s fittest gym!)  They work on correct form for all lifts, and track their members progress from session to session.  

6.  Namma Crossfit- Cunningham Road and Koramangala

These guys are the OG’s of Crossfit in Bangalore…I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard about them.

Also check out, The Hood,  the AMAZING hyper gym in Marathahalli where Namma Crossfit can also be found.  We did a write up on them a few months ago…check it out here if you didn’t catch it!

#IHBLoves: Incredible sense of community, weekend fitness related excursions, and an incredible variety of equipment including ropes, roman rings, and a rock climbing wall (depending on location).  

WODs are announced ahead of time, and there are set classes for beginners and more advanced Crossfitters. 

7.  Crossfit Primero- Indiranagar and Whitefield

Crossfit Primero at The Tribe definitely has done a lot for building a passion for fitness within its members.  It has grown exponentially and does a great job of keeping its trainers and coaches certified and constantly evolving.

#IHBLoves: Strong sense of community and knowledgeable trainers.   Open air facility in Indiranagar.  Their new facility in Whitefield offers fundamental classes for beginners and has True Form treadmills and assault bikes.  Assault bikes are awesome. 


Well there you have it Bangalore…some new gyms you have no excuse not to try out.  Each gym offers a complimentary trial class, so get some friends, and get moving!

Happy Beasting xx

Know of any gyms that aren’t on this list that you feel should be?  Write to us in the comments or send us a quick email and we’ll do our best to feature them.  Non Crossfit gyms are welcome too!