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Bangalore slowly but surely is getting very health conscious when it comes to eating out. More often than not, going out for a meal results in a bit of indulgence, which some of you may or may not regret. However, thanks to Smoke House Deli’s healthy options menu, you can now eat out without feeling (too) guilty.

Bringing fun and flavour to the term ‘healthy’, the folks at Smoke House Deli (on Lavelle Road) introduced a special, and fairly elaborate menu of healthy yet scrumptious food that covers everything from vegan to vegetarian to dairy free and even some paleo.

What I Ate:


The Paleo Coconut and Seafood Broth (pictured above) was one of my favourites on the menu. A Thai-inspired soup that has been created for the lactose intolerant foodie without compromising on flavour. Strong accents of lemongrass and coriander make this a favourite for almost any time of the year.


Smoke House Deli has also included gluten-free pasta (made from scratch) with their signature non-wheat flour. We were served a plate of the Jowar Gnocchi and Mushroom Fricasse (pictured above). Unfortunately, the jowar didn’t quite cut it for me, however everyone else at the table did seem to enjoy the flavours and kept going back for seconds.

ravioli & coconutsoya milk

My personal favourite out of all was the Grilled Vegetable Ravioli with Coconut and Soya Milk (pictured above). Served with sunflower seeds, the sauce tasted fabulous with ravioli that was cooked perfectly.

I was looking forward to seeing what dessert had in store. The Banana Flour Cake with Carrot Pate (pictured below) surprised me. It didn’t look mouth watering, but definitely had all the flavours on point.

banana flour cake

Despite staying away from all the good stuff like cheese, butter, oil and more, the meal was quite filling without making me feel bloated and drowsy.

I’ve been back to the Lavelle Road Smoke House Deli twice since, and have never missed ordering the Paleo Coconut and Seafood Broth and the classic Watermelon with feta and arugula salad.

Kudos to the chefs for going the extra mile to bring the terms ‘healthy food’ and ‘tasty food’ closer to one another. It won’t be love at first bite for many people, but do make your way through the extensive menu and find your respective favs!

Image courtesy – Nikhilesh Murthy