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Sometimes you can’t be bothered to wake up for an early breakfast, or you’ve got to run to work, or maybe you’re not much of a breakfast person to begin with. But every now and then, you crave some mouth watering pancakes that are just not available post 11 am. So what do you do? Easy. Just hit up a place that has an all day breakfast!

The Egg Factory

egg factory

IHB Picks: Huevos Rancheros
Where: St. Marks, JP Nagar, Koramangala, New BEL Road, Whitefield
Contact: 080 4211 0041
Psst: If you’re not a fan of eggs.. maybe skip this one

Smoke House Deli

smoke house

IHB Picks: Eggs Benedict with Ham or Salmon
Where: Lavelle Road, 100 ft Indiranagar
Contact: 080 4127 6272
You could opt for their boozy deals too!

154 Breakfast Club

breakfast club

IHB Picks: Blueberry Pancakes
Where: 3rd block, Koramangala
Contact: 080 25533133
It’s a cozy little place with a community vibe

Here & Now Cafe

here & now

IHB Picks: French Toast or Can’t get any pigger (for all the meat lovers)
Where: Opposite BDA Complex, HSR Layout
Contact:+91 9916933000
They have board games and foosball!

Church Street Social


IHB Picks: Kiran’s Big Apple Breakfast (includes Oreos!!!)
Where: Church Street
Contact: 080 4171 3016
Psst: They have breakfasts from all over the world (English, American, Indian)

Red Fork

fruit and red fork

IHB Picks: Fruit & Nut Pancake or Spring Onion Pancake with Salmon and Poached Egg
Where: 12th Main, Indiranagar
Contact: 080 41154372
They’re closed on Mondays

Image courtesy – Abhilash Mithren