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The St+art India Foundation – a street art festival that has gotten extremely popular over the last couple of years, is now in Bangalore for the whole of this October. The aim is to fill the streets with murals, installations, performances, talks, and screenings. The line up includes 15 Indian and International street artists who are creating narratives at Cubbon Park, MG Road, Majestic Metro Stations, and surrounding areas.

But first, what is The St+art India Foundation?

The St+Art India foundation is a non-profit organisation that works on art projects in public spaces. The aim is to encourage a wider audience to have access to art instead of visiting a conventional gallery space. This is why they’ve picked popular spots in the city.

What this year’s festival includes:

This edition will be based around the work of 12 Indian urban artists  and 3  international artists. The objective for the artists is to interpret Bangalore by transforming and creating conversations based on local stories. Wondering what exactly we’re talking about? For a little teaser, take a look at this awesome artwork (below) by famous local street artist Guess Who, which features Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso in lungis.

guess who art workST+ART Bangalore is a collaboration between Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and the ST+ART Foundation, where the faculty wants to promote the idea of “opening spaces to dialogues, conversations and culture creation through the lens of the city.”

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