Calling All Mommies & Daddies: Bangalore’s First Pop-Up For Kids Is Here!

What, when and where?

Hosted by Esha Bagla from Esha Inc and co-hosted by Minka Sikka from Mommy’s Health Kitchen, comes the 1st Pop up for Kids “The Nangu Pangu Pop Up” which showcases on how  to be summer ready for the little ones, from designers across the country! Hosted at Esha Inc, 13 Museum Road Bangalore from 11th to 17th March, timings weekends 10 AM – 10 PM and weekdays 11 AM – 7 PM.


Mommy’s Health Kitchen – We absolutely heart the organic kiddie goodies they have to offer! In addition to being freshly baked and certified by a nutritionist, they have absolutely no refined flours/sugars or any added colours/preservatives/flavours. Now which mommy wouldn’t want to give their little tot a taste of these yummy treats (can you say biscuits, muffins and brownies)?
The Baby Atelier – We’re drooling over this cutesy home stuff fit for a little royal’s nursery or room. Their bedding is completely eco-friendly bedding made from organic fabric and chemical free!

List of All Participating Designers

  • Masilo
  • The Baby Atelier
  • ME
  • Krishna Mehta
  • Pluie
  • Love the World Today
  • Milkteeth
  • Chotto Golpo
 For more deets follow their event here on Facebook. Happy shopping!! xx

The Little Gym for Kids: Where the fun (and learning) never stops!


The Little Gym is a premier experiential learning and child physical development centre that focuses on three dimensional learning for kids aged 4 months through 12 years. 

..and now they’re here?

Yup! They have more than 300 locations across the globe, and now they’re in Bangalore. These experts have progressively structured classes, every week and created a fun & positive learning environment for your child. Their aim is to create opportunities to try new things and build self-confidence first and foremost.


You got me, so what do they offer?

There’s a range of programs including parent/child classes, gymnastics, karate, dance and sports skills development, plus enjoyable extras like camps, and awesome birthday parties. In all of these, physical activity is a conduit for Three-Dimensional Learning and in every dimension, self-confidence and a beaming smile the most important outcome.

  • They even have a cute little e-store on their website that sells goodies for your child so the fun doesn’t have to stop at home!
  • Parents’ Survival Nights – They give parents a night to go to the movies, while their instructors are making sure the kids have fun too!
Give me the details already!


  • No. 14/3, Balaraj Arcade, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore  Opposite Brigade Cosmopolis, Near Forum Value Mall, Whitefield.
  • Opp Star Market, #255, Royal Heights, 3rd floor, 17th Cross Road, Sector 6,, HSR Layout, Sector 6, HSR Layout
  • #35/2, 4th Floor, Chaman Building, Ali Asker Road, Cunningham Road

Visit their website here or send them an e-mail here.


Calling all little foodies: Cafe Mangii introduces a Kids Menu!

If you have a little one at home, who knows exactly how he/she likes their food (Mum, there’s too much salt in that); congratulations you’re the proud parent of a foodie with a developing good palate! With scarcity of specific menus that cater to kids, Cafe Mangii has finally put together the perfect one!

The Yummies

Some of the starters include the Mini Garlic Herb Bread (with or without cheese), evergreen nachos (pictured below), the ever so popular Mini Pizza Margarita, My Favourite Cheesy Fries (crispy French fries with cheese sauce), Chicken Tenders and Nuggets that come with creamy Ranch dip, Cook-a-Doodle-Doo (chicken popcorn, BBQ/Masala/Cheese) and even a Hot Dog.

Nacho @ Cafe Mangii

Cheese Quesadilla (comes with sour cream and salsa) and the always-loved Baked Macaroni and Cheese. The Mini Chicken Cheese Burger (below) is delicious and correctly portioned for their appetites.

Mini Chicken Cheese Burger @ Cafe Mangii

Our personal fav has got to be the adorable looking Spaghetti Nest with Meat Balls (below).

Spaghetti Nest @ Cafe Mangii

For their sweet tooth, there’s a Crackling Chocolate Spongebob (delectable marshmallows with candy, sponge cake and melted chocolate fondue) with beverages like a Hot Chocolate, Chocolate and Vanilla Shake and the Strawberry Shake that’ll make you wish you were a kid again xx

The Deets:

Orion Mall: Third Floor, Orion Mall, Brigade Gateway, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Near Yeshwantpur, Malleshwaram
UB City: 204/A, Comet Block, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Near Lavelle Road

The Ultimate Guide of Cricket Coaching Academies in Bangalore

So you know your child is on his way to being a cricket prodigy and you visualise his name on the back of his jersey playing for his state, our very own Royal Challengers Bangalore or even our country one day! Time to make that a reality so what are you waiting for? You need to enroll him/her ASAP and make sure they get the best that the city has to offer!

Bangalore Cricket Academy (founded 1988)

Address: 33/2 Malleshwaram
Ground: ITC Ground
Facilities: Matting Wicket, Nets, Physical Training, Technical Assistance
Age Group: 10 to 16 Years
Number of participants: Summer Camp – 200 and Annual Camp – 50
Fees: Rs. 1250/- (Summer 10th Apr to 10th June; morning 6.30 to 8.30 am) and Rs. 5000/- (yearly June to Jan; Saturday, Sunday & Monday – Morning 6.30 to 8.30 am)

Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy (founded 1984)


Grounds: Palace Grounds
Address: 1B, Lavelle Mansions, Lavelle Road
Schools/Colleges/Clubs affiliated: Evershine High School, Presidency School, Nandini Layout, Century CC, Maharana CC , Shanthinagar CC
Facilities: Matting Wicket, Turf Wicket, Concrete Wicket, Nets, Bowling Machines, Physical Training, Technical assistance
Other Facilities: Dietician from Alpha Metal Craft to help the boys to Maintain Diet, Yoga Classes for summer camp by Mr Murali & Mr Omkar, Boarding & Lodging for summer camp
Sponsorship: Anand Sweets, Green Valley Resorts & Pepsi
Age Group: 6 to 20 Years
Number of participants: 300 to 400 (Summer), 300 (Annual)
Durations: 9th April to 31st May-Monday to Friday (Summer), 15th June to 15th January-Saturday & Sunday (Annual)Timings 6.30 to 9 am 4 to 6.30 pm (Summer), Annual-Sat-3 pm to 6 pm , Sun-7.30 am to 10.30 am
Tournaments conducted: All India Tournament for coaching camps (teams from all over india participate, International Transport provided free for out station students), Academy Boys are taken outside Bangalore to play matches in different cities against other coaching camps.

*30% of the students are given scholarships basis on the economical status of the students

Roger Binny Cricket Academy (founded 1998)

Address: # K-3373, 13th A Main, Hal II Stage, Indira Nagar
Ground: Palace Grounds
Coaches: Roger Binny (Chief), S Prakash, Raghuram Bhatt, Kevin Binny, Nevil Binny and Venkateshwarulu
Schools/Colleges/Clubs affiliated: Sandeepani Niketan, Sanjay Nagar
Facilities: Matting Wicket, Concrete Wicket, Nets, Physical Training, Technical assistance
Gender: Males Only
Age Group: 8 to 20 Years
Tournaments Conducted: All India Pepsi Youth Series
Number of participants: 250 (Summer) and 100 (Annual)
Durations: 9th April to May (Monday to Friday; Summer), July 1st week to February 2nd week; Saturdays & Sundays (Annual)
Timings: 6.30 to 9 am, 4pm to 6.30pm (Summer), Saturday 3pm to 6pm, Sunday 9 am to 12 noon (Annual)

*Scholarships given on performance basis.

Jayaprakash Cricket Clinic (founded 1985)

Grounds: Palace Grounds, SSMRV College, JP Nagar
Address: # 394, 3rd cross, Ananda Nagar, HMT Layout
Schools/Colleges/Clubs affiliated: MES Kishore Kendra & St. Paul’s English High School, MES College, Select CC, Cambridge CC, Bharat CC
Facilities: Matting Wicket, Turf Wicket, Concrete Wicket, Nets, Physical Training, Technical assistance.
Gender: Males Only
Age Group: Minimum 8 Years
Number of participants: 200 (Summer), 160 (Annual)
Durations: April to May (Summer) -Monday to Friday, April to January (Annual) -Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Timings: 6.30 to 9 am, 4 to 6.30 pm (Summer), Thursday to Friday (Annual) 4 to 6.30 pm, Saturday & Sunday Morning & Evening.

No scholarships.

Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy (founded 1987)

Grounds: Baldwins Boys High School, Richmond Town; Clarence High School, Cox Town; Jyothi Nivas College for Women, Koramangala
Address: #31, 1st floor, Coles Road, Prasar Town
Coaches: Imtiaz Ahmed & HR Jayaram (Chief), PS Vishwanath, CR Lakshminarayan, AR Suresh, Sunil Shankar, LK Vishwanath, PV Sumanth, Farhan, Vimal Dayankar, Lokesh, Lenny Philips, Peter Daniels, Richard Pink
Schools/Colleges/Clubs affiliate: Presidency School & Clarence High School, Jyothi Nivas College for Women
Facilities: Matting Wicket, Turf Wicket, Nets, Physical Training, Technical assistance
Gender: Male & Female
Age Group: 8 to 16 years
Number of participants: 300 (Summer), 300 (Annual); Woman participants 15 only (Jyothi Nivas College)
Other Facilities: Boarding & Lodging for outcoming students for summer camp
Sponsorships: Times of India, Arvind Mills & Pepsi
Tournaments conducted: All India Pepsi in 3 Age Groups U12, U14, U16, Times Cup Inter School U14 & U16,Crown Events for Camps, Crown Events for Corporate Offices.
Fees: Rs. 1500/- per session (Summer), Rs 5000/- per session (Annual)

Scholarship only for economically weaker students

Karnataka Institute of Cricket (founded 1996)

Indian Cricket Captain (Women) – Mithali Raj

Grounds: Webs Ground, MG Road
Address: No. 67 / 68, St. John’s Road,Shivajinagar
Coaches: EAS Prasanna & BS Chanrashekar (Chief Coaches; Summer), Najam Hussain, David Johnson (Summer), MR Baig, R Muraudhar, SR Deepu, Sasi Kumar, KR Kishore, Selvaraj, Masood (Hyderabad), Manivel (State Athlete-Physical Trainer), BS Vishwanath
Schools/Colleges/Clubs affiliated: Army School, Cambridge Public School, Samsung Electronics, Netkraft Software, Modern CC
Facilities: Matting Wicket, Turf Wicket, Nets, Bowling Machines, Physical Training, Technical assistance
Other Facilities: Boarding & Lodging for Outcoming students
Gender: Males and females
Age Group: 6 to 25 Years
Sponsorships: Coca-Cola, Pizza Corner, Diet Eggs
Tournaments Conducted: All India Coca-Cola Cup (teams from all over india),All India Diet Eggs Cup,All India Pizza Corner Trophy
Number of participants: 250 (Summer), 150 (Sat & Sun, Annual), 40 (whole year)
Fees: Rs. 2500/- (Summer), RS 10,000 (7 days in week, Annual), RS 8,000 (Sat & Sunday, Annual)
Durations: 1st April to 31st May (summer), 2nd June to 31st January (annual).
Timings: 7 days 6.30 to 9.30 am, 3.30 to 6.30 pm (summer), Monday to Friday 6.30 to 8.30 am, Saturday 3 to 6pm , Sunday 8 to 11am.

Scholarships given.

Basavanagudi Cricket Academy (founded 1998)

Address & Ground: Chennemmanakere Ground, Thiyakaraja Nagar
Coaches: R Krishnappa and BK Ravi
Facilities: Physical Training, Turf Wicket, Matting Wicket, T-shirts, Caps
Gender: Males Only
Age Group: 6 to 17 Years
Number of participants: 180
Fees: Rs 1250/- for summer camp (5th April to 25th May) and Rs 4000/- for year long training (June to February).

Chamarajpet Cricket Academy (founded 1994)

Address & Ground: National High School Ground, Basavanagudi
Coaches: Srikanth and BS Viswanath
Facilities: Physical Training,Matting Wicket
Gender: Boys & Girls
Age Group: 8 to 18 Years
Number of participants: 150
Fees: Rs. 1000/- for summer camp (6th April to 26th May) and Rs 3000/- (June to March).

Please note, we’ve listed the top ones that we are recommending, there are many more in the city which run only for the summer, or are non-certified but excellent. Do comment bellow or write to us if you want any more suggestions and information. Happy to help xx