Sound Garden Bangalore: Know everything about India’s first ever interactive music museum!

‘Music is a piece of art that goes in the ear and straight to the heart.’

Bangalore never fails to disappoint when it comes to churning out an exciting list of ‘things-to-do’! And, the brand-new addition to this list is an innovative concept that caters to the sentiments of music & nature lovers, alike, brought to us by the The Indian Music Experience Trust. Judging from how things are shaping up, you can anticipate a musical harmony like no other! Termed as the first interactive musical museum, the garden synchronises its space among a museum area, an interactive installations area and a garden cafe. Though the main museum structure is yet to open, the outdoor area itself, offers an immersive experience already.

Let the music play…

Unlock your self-expression, intelligence and creativity with the various installations at the Sound Garden that will put your mind to the test and echo your passion for music. The curators behind the model were keen to provide an experiential zone that not only serves as entertainment, but also outlines the basics of music as a combination of various sounds & vibrations.

#IHBSays: Be sure to explore the Humming Stone which resonates your own little tune in the form of frequencies & vibrations. On the other hand, the Xylophone makes for a great group activity and team building exercise. The mechanism is designed such that it appeals to the senses of touch, sight and hearing, creating a melody of sensation.

A tapestry of tunes…

The museum that is expected to open in a few months is prepping up for providing an experience of its own. With as many as eight thematic galleries that are being planned, the exhibition will include a display of progression of all Indian music (including classical, folk & Bollywood) and the rich culture that it unfolds. Got your preview into the science of sound & vibration at the installation area? Put your learning into practice by composing your very own jingle at the mini studios and mixing consoles at the museum!

Learn the (universal) language…

A learning centre is also on offer at the venue – a perfect place to channelize all the inspiration invoked during the visit. With a calendar that is said to include workshops, performances and ongoing lessons in music, it is definitely a space to watch out for. You can even get a diploma in music, under the guidance of the expert teachers from The Centre for Indian Music Experience!

The Deets…

Where: J.P. Nagar, 7th Phase
Opening from: 29th July, 2017 11.00am onwards
Free entry to all.

All images courtesy Architecture Paradigm Pvt Ltd.

Bands of Bangalore: 7 progressive bands that have made their mark!

Music has always been in the pulse of our city and there is no such thing as an overdose! Here are some luru made originals that are making waves in the musical circuit of our country:

Clown with a Frown

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 4.32.45 PM


Turning 5 years strong this September, the band puts together an innovative mix of pop and funk with of course, a satisfying dose of disco that luru just can’t do without. A twist apart from the dominating rock culture in the city, Clown with a Frown is out to redefine dance music from the 70’s. So, as they love to say: Get Up. Let go. Dance. Disco.

Best Kept Secret


Whether you have watched them perform as ‘One Night Stand’ (maiden band name) during the good old Opus days or have discovered them only recently as ‘Best Kept Secret’, you know what we’re talking about. This outfit takes us back to the boy band era of the 90’s with a slightly more established taste in music. With their impressive list of performances and following that puts Beiber fans to shame, we have ourselves a celebrity band that’s proudly luru made!



A 6 member band that performs primarily in Hindi, Lagori is fiercely original in their style of music and reflects a true snapshot of the modern Indian youth of today. As a Folk, Rock and Fusion Band, with influences of Sufi melodies, their hits like Boom Shankar, Saiyyan and We are All We Need, top the charts.

Peepal Tree


A unique mash up of far ranging genres like Pop, Funk, Electronica, Folk and Rock – an unimaginable combination that only Peepal Tree seems to be able to work! ‘Magizhchi’ – their Tribute to the one and only ‘Thalivar – Rajinikanth’ is currently winning the popularity game.

Polly wants a Cracker


Everything Rock n Roll and then some more! Drawing influences from Ozzy, Led Zep, James Brown and ZZ Top, their own comps are a breath of fresh air and their covers have a style of their own. With their high energy personalities and electrifying performances, these guys are ‘Long Live Rock n Roll’, personified.

Live Banned


A band that has propagated its own invention of a genre and created a concept out of their performances – this is Live Banned for you. Their flamboyant personalities and love for humor have always been a stand-out since their inception in 2011. Rest assured, when you watch them on stage, you’re in for a treat of their theatrics just as much as their music.

Mad Orange Fireworks


This trio has 2 albums to their repertoire and a large fan following across cities to vouch for them. Spreading their musical religion by the name of ‘Orange Rock’, the ‘Fireworks’ of their performances are an engrossing display. A special mention of their Foo Fighters Tribute that is definitely worth a watch.

#IHBListens – Morning Fresh Beach Vibes

This IHBxMorningFresh playlist is all about cherishing the old and bringing in the new – the perfect blend. These tunes immediately transport us to the beach (just in our heads, sadly) where all we’re doing is taking in the warm sun and sounds of the crashing waves, while sippin’ on a cold one. Here are some of our fav songs that we hope will help you de-stress and beat the Monday blues at office too. xx

Weekend Guide: Independence Day Edition – where to go and what to do!

For those of you who are staying in Bangalore for the long weekend and don’t have much planned, we’ve got a list of exciting things for you to do. From fun and interesting events around the city to Independence Day celebrations, we’ve got you covered!

13th August, Saturday

The Great American Beer Carnival

VH1 India and The Beer Dossier bring to you The Great American Beer Carnival, which aims to bring a little bit of the American summer to Bangalore. For example, the event states, “bringing down all that is Brooklyn to Bangalore, all that is Wisconsin to Whitefield and all that is Minnesota to Mahadevpura”

The carnival will feature a craft beer BBQ and beer games such as, beer pong, flip cup, beer chugging contests, bean bag toss, and plenty more!

Where: The Brew and Barbeque, Marathahalli
When: 7:30 pm onwards
How much: Rs. 300 onwards


BFlat Presents River Man Band

River Man Band is a Bangalore based band that specialises in their own original music, which is inspired by old school pop from the 90s and 80s. Added to this, their style also includes groove and funk.

Where: BFlat, 100 ft Road, Indiranagar
When: 9 pm onwards
How much: Rs. 400

14th August, Sunday

Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival

This famous festival is back with a bang for Independence Day, as it’s their Freedom Edition! Check out all the details here and below are the food trucks that will be serving up some grub:

  • The Bite Club
  • Le Casse Croute
  • Ice Cream Buggy
  • Smoke Signal BBQ
  • Go Waffles
  • S.W.A.T
  • The Lalit Food Truck Company
  • The Rolling Chef

Where: New Indian Express Building, Queens Road
When: 11 am – 11 pm

15th August, Monday

Independence Day Brunch at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru

The hotel has planned a full day of awesome activities and celebrations that are perfect for the whole family. You probably don’t want to miss these features:

  • Tricoloured themed treats
  • Karaoke
  • Cooking classes
  • Games for the little ones
  • The hotel’s mixologists will be creating funky concoctions
  • For a one- of- a-kind initiative, The Lobby Lounge at the hotel will transform into a ginormous plate, which will display, wait for it – A 70 FT CAKE, made by the pastry tream. a 70 ft cake, guys!!!

Where: b Cafe, Shanri-La Hotel Bengaluru
When: 11 am – 11 pm
How much: Rs. 2299 ++ (Non-Alcoholic) & Rs. 3399 ++ (Alcoholic)

13th-15th August, Saturday-Monday

Spunk Your Creek – Dance and Beat Box Battles 

Wondering what on earth we’re talking about? Spunk Your Creek hosts the coolest and craziest battles amongst dancers and beat boxers. Their aim is to promote the hip-hop culture across India. The categories include Hip-Hop, Popping, Breaking, Bollywood and Beatboxing.

Saturday and Sunday will host the qualifiers, semifinals, and finals for all the categories, whereas Monday will host the ‘Krump Battles’ from qualifiers to finals.

Where: UB City, Vital Mallya Road
When: 1 pm onwards, all days
How much: Rs. 100 onwards

On that note, Happy Independence Day!

Bangalore Food Truck + Music Festival – Freedom Edition!


Most of you know that the Bangalore FoodTruck and Music Festival has already had a handful of editions in the city, and this time the festival is back with a Freedom Edition! It’s taking place on the Independence Day weekend, which means you can eat your heart out while enjoying some of your favourite tunes, all in the name of India’s freedom.

Sounds like a pretty sweet Sunday, if you ask us! So let’s take a look at what’s going to go down:

  • 15 food trucks that are Bangalore’s best
  • 12 hours of awesome music from all genres
  • A music stage
  • Designated areas where you can sit back and relax
  • Art and dance performances

So if you’re not travelling for the long weekend, we definitely recommend checking out the Bangalore FoodTruck and Music Festival. If you are in fact planning a trip, may we suggest a resort in Kabini or Chikmagalur?

Time: 11am – 11pm

When: Sunday, 14th August

Where: New Indian Express Building, Queens Road

Psst: If you’re looking to have a stall, or if you want to be a part of the festival, contact them here

Watch this space for more details, coming soon!

The Indie March gig is back, bigger than ever!

Over the last few years, March in Bengaluru’s music scene has been synonymous with one big musical event – The Indie March gig. The gig has been bringing together some of the best and biggest independent music acts across the country (and now the world).

I got to speak to the very candid Guru Somayaji, COO, CounterCulture and the Festival Director for the Indie March gig to understand how this year’s festival came to be one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year.

How is this year’s Indie March going to different from all the previous years? What should audiences expect? Bigger acts, more foreign bands, etc?
To start with, this year’s Indie March is a full scale festival unlike the previous three years, which ran as a club showcase. This time we have four fully functional stages and one stage dedicated to The Manganiyar Seduction. Moongate, the venue is an absolutely stunning one with each having its own natural setting, you have to see it to believe it. It’s got an industrial shed, an amphitheater, a stage in a grove! I think almost all the international acts are playing in India for the first time, which is quite cool.

Expect a straight up honest Indie music fest with lots of alternative sounds. There are some cool international acts too from the pioneers of Stoner rock Colour Haze (above) to the winners of BBC Scotlands Band of the year – Happy Meals. I am very excited with the Indian Line-up! It’s not very often you would find a Shepherd, All The Fat Children or a Teddy Boy Kill being on festival bills elsewhere!

How has Indie March grown from it’s first avatar to now?

Indie March started out as a showcase to put many young and cool bands together in one night. Being a former venue in Whitefield wasn’t easy. We had to think of ways to bring fans together, and that’s how Indie March took shape. And really, this showcase gave us the option to really experiment with musical styles.

Pink Noise played their first full set gig after Gyaan’s passing away at our event. Abijith Rao, the sound engineer of Skrat rode next to the stage with a Motorbike, one of the F-16’s earliest Bangalore gigs was at Indie March. The crowds managed to even break the barricades during Agam’s set, while we were expecting the same to happen during Avial’s gig scheduled right after.

While all the acts in the lineup are stellar, what are the top 3 acts you are looking forward to see and why?


That’s a super hard question you ask! But acts you must check out are Happy Meals (above), Pangea, the entire Consolidate Showcase and Flako!

When: 19-20th March

Where: MoonGates Event Venue. Click here for the map.

Bangalore, we’ve sorted your weekend. Over & Out!

So what’s Over&Out?

Their anniversary bash every year. It’s a sort of a celebration of their past year, so as to speak. So what they do is, bring together artists from across the country and abroad, in a 2-3 day music riot (fun!) and version 2.0 promises to be bigger and better with the addition of international acts supported by some well-known names in the Indian circuit.

Whoa when is this?

It’s taking place on 11th, 12th and 13th of March 2016 at the Humming Tree, Pebble and The Tao Terraces respectively, so hurry and book here or here.  You don’t want to miss this!

Who’s doing this?

Established in 2014, ModeM Networks are peeps who are basically promoting awesome electronic music in Bangalore. They’ve hosted several big names in the music industry (can you say Monoloc, Konrad Black, Raxxon, Parra for Cuva, Salah Sadeq, Fabrizio Maurizi, Jewelung, Jitter, Kohra, Anil Chawla, Unnayanaa? Whewwwww).

Okay, I’m sold, what’s the line-up?!


Tobias (LIVE): Having played at some of the most legendary clubs across the world including the infamous Berghain, to releasing on groundbreaking labels like Ostgut Ton (OFFICIAL), Tobias’ jackin’, minimalist, stripped down approach to industrial techno has got him a seat amongst the crème de la crème of electronic music.

Fairmont (LIVE): With a string of widely acclaimed releases on stellar labels like My Favorite Robot RecordsConnaisseur Recordings and Kompakt Extra to name a few, Fairmont’s unique interpretation of harmonics is designed to give you an aural awakening, and we ain’t kidding son.


Orson Wells (Vinyl set): Orson has released on renowned labels like Live at Robert Johnson and Innervisions to name a few. LARJ, a famous Frankfurt based record label also has its own club.  His glitchy, alternative, raw take on electronic music is hard to come by, and listening to him in person is a unique experience altogether!

Adam (WARPED, Dubai) : His sound screams ‘Techno’, in its purest form, as he brings together perfectly sliced kicks, snares, hi hats and sheer grooves, making it almost impossible to stand still.

Pawas : Inspired by his Indian roots, Pawas’ sound is a perfect blend of classical percussions, atmospheric sounds and deep melodies which when combined with his minimalist influences from Berlin.

KOUNT:  Llewellyn Hilt‘s most recent project is inspired by his passion for old school acid house, coupling it with a neoteric, almost futuristic design, thereby creating a niche for himself in the Indian electronic dance music scene

Technomads: Expect an intimate, hypnotic journey through experimental soundscapes that is sure to leave you spellbound

Twokid Wickid: Heavily influenced by several pioneers of House music, their sets are packed with immense groove, crisp percussions and is never complete without straight out acid.


DJ NIK: Infused with raw, minimalist, synthesised basslines, punching grooves and enrapturing percussions, NIKs sets continually raise the bar for Intelligent Dance Music in the city

Shreyas_ : This young man has sure proved himself over the past couple of years, pulling himself up faster than most. His passion for music has left him exploring the realms of electronica, hypnotic house, mysterious techno, the works!

Ankit Pandey: Ankit’s passion for music has brought him back to his hometown, Hyderabad where he’s been instrumental in bringing electronic music to the fore, with 3 residencies in the city to his name. Using music as an outlet for him to express himself, Ankit’s signature sound revolves around sheer and solid grooves, enticing you to get onto the dancefloor.

Shash & Chaz: Deep melodies, pulsating basslines and hypnotic grooves are signature to their style, and with only a few years into the scene, they’ve already made their mark in South India


Arkitek. : Being influenced by the likes of Jitter, Charanjit Singh, amongst many more, Arkitek’s approach to music has a more chalked out synthesized, melodious style

Anejath Rao: Inspired by alternative, subtle, melodic yet deep sounds, Anejath has continually pushed himself forward, making every set better than the last

Zerobyone: An audio visual act, developed with the idea of taking electronic music out of clubs and into the streets, infuses static, deep and heavily processed analogue sounds in perfect resonance, each complimenting its own art foraying synchronously.

For more updates and info, follow their event page here. Book now, you won’t regret it. xx



#IHBSPOTLIGHT: Bangalore, meet Kunaal Gurbaxani aka GURBAX

GURBAX otherwise known as Kunaal Gurbaxani is a DJ and producer who’s making waves in the Indian bass music scene. Oh, and did we mention he’s a Bangalore boy? So you may or may not have spotted him playing some gigs in various venus around Bangalore and even across India! We had a chat with Kunaal to understand who he is as a DJ/producer, his style of music, and why he loves to call Luru his home.

How did he get into music? 

He started off as a metal head who played guitar in bands, up until he moved to study in Atlanta. During his time in uni, he discovered his love for bass music. What really drew him in though, was the high energy levels, the bond amongst music lovers, and that general positive vibe and happiness.

What’s his music style?

Gurbax has been gaining a lot of popularity because of the Trap music he plays (he describes it as, “the love-child of electronic music and hip hop.”). That being said, he’s inspired by about 8-9 other genres ranging from hip hop to jazz, which totally reflects in his sets.

He thinks of bass music  as a platform and umbrella, as it draws from different genres and sounds from jazz to even funk. This allows him to go with what inspires him in the moment, as he loves to experiment with music.


Favourites gigs so far?

Undoubtedly Coorg and Assam with VH1 supersonic thanks to the amazing energy and crazy crowd, which almost made the stage collapse! It’s commendable really because the crowd wasn’t even familiar with his sound, which brings us to the point Gurbax makes – it doesn’t have to be about a genre you listen to, it’s just about good music, good energy, and no pre conceived notions.

Oh and psst, Gurbax also got to open for Steve Aoki! A surreal experience, especially because he got caked by the DJ a few years ago. #standardAoki


Have you heard Gurbax’ track Boom Shankar (a mix of 3 genres)? This track did so well that he decided to make a music video, but with a twist. We heart that it was made into a crowd-funding event, which turned into an impromptu music festival of sorts. There was a proper DJ line up, artists, spray painting, games, and even freakin’ fire breathers! The contributors in the crowd were offered music lessons, gig invites, and credits just for being their supportive selves. We hear he wants to do something similar and bigger again in Bangalore, so stay tuned! #watchthisspace


His low-down on B-Town

Apart from Bangalore being his home, Gurbax loves his city for many more reasons. He loves that the city is now open to new sounds and music, plenty of festivals have been taking place in Bangalore, more music venues are popping up, and of course, bass music is growing! Also, he likes the freedom and inspiration Bangalore offers. And obviously, he can’t get sick of Luru’s weather because let’s be honest, it’s pretty awesome. 

Shows in March:

18th – St. Patrick’s Day at UB City

25th – Social Offline, Whitefield

26th – Loft 38, Indiranagar

Find Gurbax on Facebook here.

Listen to him on SoundCloud here.

Image courtesy – Gurbax

Swarathma, Lagori, and Dhruv Visvanath at the Levi 501: Friday gig

Friday evening in namma Bengaluru will witness the coming together of three musical acts at the Levi 501: Friday gig at the Humming Tree. Kicking off the evening would be one of India’s upcoming one-man bands, Dhruv Visvanath. For the uninitiated, Dhruv finds himself in the elite company of artists like Ed Sheeran and internet sensation – Sungha Jun; Dhruv was named along with them in the ‘30 Great Guitarists Under 30’ in the world by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, USA. His music finds itself in the middle of the acoustic-indie realm. Folks at the gig can expect him to showcase some of the new material from his recently released debut album Orion.

DSC03621Looking to start a riot would be Bangalore’s very own Lagori (pictured above). The band is changing it up this time by bringing on Jason Zachariah to infuse some new flavour into the band’s popular songs. Going by Lagori’s history, you can be assured that the roof would be coming down half way through their gig. Don’t forget to stop by the bar and try out the new Old Monk rum-based cocktail, which has been put together by Humming Tree’s very own Chef Anuj Mehta, and is named after the band’s most popular song – Boom Shankar.

DSC00904Closing up the house are Bangalore’s stalwarts, Swarathma (pictured above). One of the early bands to make folk rock popular in a circuit that was all about metal and covering other bands. Swarathma brings tonnes of experience and will have you singing with them at the top of your voices by the end of the evening. If folk-rock really isn’t your thing, you’ve probably not seen Swarathma yet. The band brings together good music, poignant lyrics, and knows how to put on a show. Try and be in the front and grab some topi’s for their song, Topiwalleh.

Make sure to book your tickets here, and check out these three sensational acts at the Humming Tree on Friday, 26th February. Doors open at 9PM

Image courtesy: Nikhilesh Murthy

Bangalore, say hello to a home-grown band, Blushing Satellite

Ranked amongst the Top 10 Best New Acts for 2015 by Rolling Stone India, and having their self-titled debut EP feature among the Top 10 Best EPs in the same magazine, Bangalore-based band Blushing Satellite have it all going for them. The four piece band, comprised of Karthik Basker on vocals, Arjun Ramdas on bass, Deepak Raghu on drums and guitarist Ramanan Chandramouli, came together in May 2015 and have been making quite the mark for themselves in the independent circuit. I got to talk to Ramanan Chandramouli about the band’s music, their current journey and the scene.

Ramanan says,” Blushing Satellite doesn’t believe in writing short pop songs with the same mundane verse chorus format which has been done to death for years. Neither do we like confining ourselves to a single genre. Each of us in the band listens to a variety of music from jazz to sludge/doom to even bhajans. To describe our music in a single sentence – we invite the listener on a journey not restricted to space and time”. While the band is quite humbled by the response to their EP from folks all over the country, they’ve been working on material for a full-fledged album and just need to figure out the finances.


When asked about how it felt to play in their hometown of namma Bengaluru, Ramanan states, “There are a few people who are genuine music lovers and we love to play for them; the ones who like to zone out the noise and immerse themselves in the music.” The band is looking forward to playing to such music lovers, and introduce their music to a new audience at a gig at Bflat, this Saturday 6th February at 9PM. Do check out Blushing Satellite and the music that makes them among the top ten acts in the country

Where: 100 ft Road, Indiranagar

Image courtesy – Blushing Satellite FB page.

Uddipan Sarmah, from Aswekeepsearching talks about Luru as a venue for gigs

Describing their own sound as “the amalgamation of electronic, ambient and post-rock styles” band – Aswekeepsearching (AWKS) is a band on fire. The band played at the recently concluded Control Alt Delete 9.0 gig in namma Bengaluru. I had a conversation with Uddipan Sarmah, guitarist and vocalist with the band about how it is to play in Bangalore and plans for the future of the band.

With their latest album – Khwaab, being listed among the Top 10 Indian albums for 2015 by Rolling Stone magazine, the band has been touring extensively to promote their music. This saw the band playing at international venues like the Saint Petersburg Opera House and the Red Concert Hall in Moscow.khwaabCommenting about why he and the band love playing in namma Bengaluru, Uddipan said,” This city has a lot of energy. I love the fact that it gets very easy to get along with the Bangalore crowd. They are never far from the artists and that’s the energy which is needed while performing on stage. This city is close to us and we love every bit about it. We are always excited to come and play here.” With Bangalore being touted as the post-rock hub of India, one can expect the boys from AWKS back in the city in a few months time.

Do check out the band’s new album – Khwaab and their recent tour diary from Russia on YouTube which should give you a glimpse into the exciting future for AWKS.

Image courtesy – Aswekeepsearching

Control ALT Delete comes to Luru for its 9th edition!

The 2016 music calendar kicks off with the popular crowd funded gig – Control ALT Delete, moving to namma Bengaluru. What started out as a simple movement to bring back the focus of live shows from large sponsors and promoters, back to the musicians and the fans of their music, Control ALT Delete is hosting its ninth edition at The Humming Tree on the 16th of January.

I managed to get some time with Nikhil Udupa, one of the three major forces behind the Control ALT Delete movement to talk about how things have evolved from their first edition, why they chose Bangalore for this year’s gig, and what one can expect from the show.

cltalt1. Last year’s edition was in Pune, why move to Bangalore this year? 

Nikhil: The home of Control ALT Delete (CAD) has always been Bombay. When we thought of scaling up and reaching out to more people – the most natural thing was to move this to different cities and to introduce this concept to a new audience and reach out to newer acts. Post Pune, we wanted to move to a new city and Bangalore was a natural choice. We found a partner in The Humming Tree, who really get what we’re all about have been generous hosts and help push independent home grown music. 

 It’s also our first foray down south and we are keen to bring this movement to new people and hopefully ignite another alternate DIY movement here.

2. What’s going to be different in this edition when compared to all the previous editions?

Nikhil: This will be our first time in Bangalore. All the bands on the lineup have never played CAD before. New city, new bands and a new venue! Otherwise – it all follows the Control ALT Delete vibe from our previous gigs. We’ve got a long day of music, great programming, and a healthy mix of new and established indie acts.

3. How has everything changed from the very first gig that was organised four years ago?

Nikhil: A lot has changed from the first gig. The first gig had only an open gate policy, nothing more to it. Here we are now – much more organised, larger in scale, our own website and crowdfunding platform, a team of volunteers, merchandise, and many more bands on the lineup. We’ve definitely got a much higher benchmark to set. We’ve gone from being just another gig to being on the cusp of a movement in this intimate music scene of ours with a lot more stakeholders and a lot more fans of the music who believe in this idea and want to see it succeed.

4. How difficult is it to attract reputed bands without a marquee sponsor and to an event that is entirely crowd-funded?

Nikhil: It’s not difficult at all. The first criteria of playing in a Control ALT Delete gig is that as a band you need to want to play it, want to be a part of it and want to help it grow. The transparency and integrity with which CAD is run automatically attracts bands that are in it for the right reasons. We’ve barely had any rejections so far from “reputed acts” and have managed to programme the bands we wanted to without too much stress.

5. What’s the line-up this time? And why choose this particular set of bands?

Nikhil: This time around we wanted to go back to our ALT roots where CAD started as an avenue to push alt music at a time when it wasn’t happening. We wanted to introduce newer sounds and newer bands to the audience with a mix of familiar big names thrown in to attract the crowd and ensure they have a good time. We have some really new acts like RushLED and The Broadway Addicts playing alongside popular guys like Peter Cat Recording Co., Skrat and Superfuzz. 9 super bands for 9.0!!!

Do catch all the bands in action at the Humming Tree on 16th of January, 2016. Being a crowdfunded movement, don’t forget to make your contribution towards promoting independent music and the gig. You can make your contributions here.

Image courtesy – Control ALT Delete

Rudy Wallang, from Soulmate talks about the band, the Blues and Bengaluru

Anyone who’s been in the Blues scene in India knows the band Soulmate, and with it the prolific guitarist of the band – Rudy Wallang. The band is in Bengaluru performing at various venues across the city. I got some time with Rudy to talk about their current gigs, the state of Blues in India and future plans for the band.

“When we came here in April and played, we really enjoyed the vibe of the crowds that came to our gig. While it has been a bit of a wait for us to come back and play here, we’re just happy to be back for a bunch of gigs.” said Rudy when asked about what brings them back to the city. Rudy went on to say, “Bengaluru has so many venues that allow bands to play gigs. That’s great for music overall and not just the Blues. We don’t have this kind of infrastructure back in Shillong. We in fact hardly ever play there. The crowds in Bengaluru are great.”

I asked Rudy about his thoughts on how the Blues was finding its place in India and how it was reaching out to a younger crowd. “Music festivals like NH7 have a good mix of ages. We have folks who’ve heard us before, know us and come to see us. There’s also a whole younger generation of concert goers who see us for the first time. These guys like what they are hearing, become fans, tell their friends and start coming to our gigs.” says Rudy. For Soulmate, while they have numerous familiar faces at their gigs at various cities, each time there are  a whole new bunch of faces coming to check them out which is an encouraging sign not only for the band, but for Blues in general according to Rudy.


When we spoke about bands from Bangalore that he finds exciting, Rudy admits that he’s not completely aware of all the new bands on the scene. Rudy goes on to say, “We know the music from Raghu Dixit, Thermal and a Quarter and Swarathma. Unfortunately, we don’t get the opportunity to listen to all the music that’s out back home.” While Soulmate has jammed at some of the gigs with local bands like Swarathma and Peter Isaac from Chronic Blues Circus, the band hasn’t worked out any formal collaboration yet, but is open to working on some material when the time is right.

As far as a follow up to Soulmate’s last album ‘Ten Stories Up’ goes, Rudy says,” We’re just busy touring at the moment and we’re enjoying it. There’s no plan for a new album right now. Besides, we need to give people more time to fully immerse themselves in the last album before we put out new material.” Soulmate plays at Bflat on Sunday evening with a New Year’s Eve gig at the Tamarind Tree. “It’s been over 2 years since we played at Bflat. We’re looking forward to having a really good time.” says Rudy.

So try your best to catch Rudy and the band this Sunday at Bflat!

Image courtesy – Nikhilesh Murthy

Musicians unite at Bangalore For Chennai!

In the wake of the recent calamity in Chennai and the surrounding regions, musicians across Bangalore are coming together at Opus Out of the Box this evening, in a fund-raising gig for all those affected. The evening will feature performances by artistes like All the Fat Children, Mad Orange Fireworks (woot woot), The Sylvester Pradeep Trio, Swarathma, Chris Avinash, Bruce Lee Mani, Vasundhara Das, Roberto Narain and others.

Sanjeev Thomas, one of the established musicians of Bangalore and guitarist with A.R Rahman has been instrumental in putting together this evening. When we spoke to him regarding how he managed to get so many big names together in such a short span of time he quipped:



 “When I called up all the musicians I knew in the city, everyone immediately agreed. The only bands that couldn’t make it were those who already had prior commitments. We were also overjoyed that the folks at Opus gave us the venue to have this gig without any hesitation.”

For Sanjeev, having spent over a decade in Chennai, and having worked with so many musicians in the city, it was only natural that he wanted to do something significant for the people affected by the floods. He will also be playing on stage this evening.

In other news, Michael Dias from Mad Orange Fireworks told us:

“Personally, I’m just very glad that I get this opportunity to contribute to Chennai by doing what I love, play music. We intend to put on a stellar performance dedicated to our families, friends and fans in Chennai.”

All the proceeds from this evening will be going towards the Hope Foundation. While we love that everyone is helping out with food and clothes, there’s also this bigger need of housing and rehabilitation.

Sanjeev has personally met the team from the Hope Foundation and FYI they will be helping with housing in Southern Chennai and Cuddalore regions.


The gig starts at 7 PM at Opus Out of The Box and the donor passes are at INR 500 each. Here’s the event page. Please do try to make this a productive (and a fun) Saturday night! We implore you Bangalore.

#IHBListens – NH7 Weekender 2015 Playlist (DAY ONE)

Hey Bangalore, so we’re kicked about NH7 Weekender tomorrow, and we’ve been listening to these on loop all morning.

These are the must listens, and no-misses you need to know about before you head on to Embassy Riding School tomorrow!

Comment with your favs, so we can add them on. Happy weekend(ering) xx

Nov Weekend #3 – Bangalore’s weekend guide of where to go and what to do!

Friday, 20th November



What: “North Eastern Swing” – a 21st Century, British take on Hokum Blues, Hot Jazz, Western Swing, Country.
Where: Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield
When: 9:30 pm onwards
Whoa: These lads are all the way from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK!
Wait: You can also catch them play at the same venue and same time this saturday.



What: This week Sula Sessions brings to you the famous Thermal and a Quarter!
Where: High Ultra Lounge, World Trade Centre
When: 9:00 pm onwards
Whoa: The band launched their 7th album in Germany last week and they just opened for Slash in Mumbai!
Wait: Limited seats left, book your tickets here 

Saturday, 21st November


What: It’s the launch of the band’s second album!
Where: The Humming Tree, Indiranagar
When: 9:00 pm onwards
Whoa: Their music is a juncture where pop, blues, jazz, funk and rock meet, so they coined the term “Orange Rock.”
Wait: Guest artists will also be playing – L’Nee Golay, Ramanan Chandramouli, and Sanjeev T.

Sunday, 22nd November



What: Explore the famous Russell Market’s foodie spots. From fruits and vegetables to meat and poultry.
Where: Russell Market
When: 11:00 am onwards
Whoa: Think old world charm meets a typical marketplace. You can even stop for some sulaimani chai!
Wait: It’s Rs. 999 per person. Contact the organisers here.


HRC_Unplugged_TheBrightEyedCulprits_FB-472x394px (1)

What: This week’s artist is The Bright Eyed Culprits who are all about acoustic and soul.
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, St. Marks Road
When: 7:30 pm onwards
Wait: Hard Rock has plenty more exciting artists performing every Sunday, so watch this space for more!

Oct Weekend #3 – Bangalore’s weekend guide of where to go and what to do!

Friday, 16th October


AnkitTWhat: Live performance of Bollywood music
When: 7:30 pm onwards
Where: Phoenix Market City, Whitefield
Whoa: He is one of India’s favourite composers and singers, which means you don’t want to miss this.
Wait: Book tickets here


rohinpuriWhat: A night with a live percussion set
When: 9:00 pm onwards
Where: Sancho’s, UB City
Whoa: He can play the flute, harmonica, Australian Didgeridoo, Afro-tribal drums, Spanish Cajon, and kitchen utensils!

Saturday, 17th October


gurbaxWhat: A night of trap, dubstep, and electro-hip hop
When: 9:00 pm onwards
Where: blueFROG, Bangalore, Church Street
Whoa: Gurbax is Luru’s very own and has played gigs around the country and Atlanta and New York!

 Sunday, 18th October


gunsnrosesWhat: Classic rock ‘n’ roll
When: 8:30 pm onwards
Where: blueFROG, Bangalore, Church Street
Whoa: Apart from the crazy fact that a Guns ‘N’ Roses member is performing, Luru’s very own Best Kept Secret is the opening act!!!

Friday-Sunday, 16th-18th October


quartetWhat: An evening of jazz music
When: 9:30 pm onwards on friday & saturday and 8:00 pm onwards on sunday
Where: Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield
Whoa: Woody Allen recruited Stephane Wrembel to create the theme for the famous film Midnight in Paris AND he has shared the stage with legendary artists.
Wait: Buy tickets here 

Happy weekend! xx

Oct Weekend #2 – Bangalore’s weekend guide of where to go and what to do!

Friday, 9th October


oct2What: The F16’s album promotional tour and oriental dub music by Fedayi Pacha
Where: The Humming Tree, Indiranagar
When: 8:30 pm onwards
Whoa: A night of alternative dance music and tunes inspired from India to the Balkans. You don’t want to miss these one of a kind artists!
Wait: Cover charge is Rs. 600

Saturday, 10th October


oct2aWhat: Luru’s first comedy festival!
Where: UB City
When: 4:00 pm onwards
Whoa: The festival is over two days. You can even attend on Sunday, but be prepared to laugh your pants off with India’s finest and funniest. Psst- they’re going to have 3 stages!
Wait: Buy tickets here 

Speaking of two day events (saturday and sunday), here’s another one:


What: A product photography and post processing workshop
Where: V M Studios and Photography Koramangala 8th Block
When: 10:00 am onwards
Whoa: A perfect self employment opportunity for those who can cater to local merchants and vendors who sell their products online to e-commerce majors.
Wait: Open to all with a DSLR. For more details click here.

Sunday, 11th October


beer pong-01-02What: Our very first beer pong tournament!
Where: Monkey Bar, Indiranagar
When: 4:30 pm onwards
Whoa: The slots are filled up, but you can still sign up in case you get a chance to play, or you’ll be first on the list for the next tournament.
Wait: Sign up here 

Happy weekend xx