A Fashion Soirèe: With Love, From Chennai!

What, when and where?

A carefully curated exhibit of the latest fashion from designers across the country. With love from Chennai will be held at Fervour, Lavelle Road on the 21st of February between 11AM to 8PM. 

Who is doing this?
The peeps at FunkyFish! They entered Bangalore with a bang last November, and they’re now set to redefine the fashion scene by making it more accessible in its second edition. We reckon this gig will attract a niche clientele, bloggers, stylists and the who’s who of the city.


Sougat Paul and Farah Sanjana are the designers to watch out for! Plus, we love the adorable stuff sold by labels Closet Chic and Mint Closet. Definite must-visits!
List of All Participating Designers
  • Kapraha
  • Farah Sanjana
  • Ritu Jain Singh
  • Crazy heart
  • Sougat Paul
  • Closet Chic
  • Richa Goenka
  • Aneehkha
  • Maison Blu
  • Mandira Bansal
  • Vedika M
  • Aarti Vijay Gupta
  • Mint Closet
  • Shoulder lab
  • N&S Gaia
  • Clothing Palette
  • Bobo Calcutta
  • Bennch
 For more deets follow them here on Instagram and here on Facebook. Happy shopping!! xx

Bangalore’s Famous Flea Markets: Our Top 5 for Budget Shopping, Food + Fun!

If there is one thing that our city loves, it’s a good bargain! Thankfully, there are many options to choose from as Luru plays host to a wild variety of flea markets that are a culmination of great shopping deals, interesting finds, music for the soul and food for a happy belly. Drop in at any one of these fleas for a fun-filled and memorable experience:

Sunday Soul Sante


Our first mention goes to SSS for being the pioneer in kick starting the flea market culture in the city. The property that started off as a seasonal celebration featuring art, craft, music and food, quickly had the luru shopaholics and weekend revelers blocking their dates weeks in advance. SSS promises and delivers a brand new experience with every edition. No wonder their impressive list of admirers include celebrities like actors Diganth and Aindrita Ray, fashion guru Prasad Bidapa and the one and only Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, amongst others!

Upcoming edition: New dates TBA. Follow them here for updates.

Declutter Flea

This one is for all those clothes that we bought a size smaller, with the miraculous hope of shedding the extra kilos, only as they lie in our closet with tags intact. Or that closet full of gifts that just don’t catch our fancy but are too good to throw away. Time to Declutter – a flea market specially curated for pre-loved goods. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, this one is a win-win!

Upcoming edition: New dates TBA. Follow them here for updates.

Green Haat


Instead of braving your way through the luru traffic, this flea market comes to you! Green Haat, is your friendly neighborhood flea market that brings together an exciting combination of fun, food and shopping. You may already have spotted them, as they make their rounds across various tech parks, adding energy to your boring work routine.

Upcoming editions: 22nd & 23rd Sept at Embassy Golf Links, Domlur | 29th & 30th Sept at Manyata Embassy Business Park, Nagawara

The Silver Bazaar

A flea market organized by The Silver Surfers Club, a union that believes in ‘Empowerment in Retirement’. With the high levels of energy and flowing creativity, they are out to prove that fun knows no age limit! With evolving themes for each market such as ‘The Swinging 60’s Silver Bazaar’, ‘The Silvers Summer Bazaar’ and the upcoming ‘Silver Bazaar Under the Stars’, the range of goodies on sale make coupled with delicious food and entertainment make for a wonderful experience.

Upcoming edition: 24th Sept at Royal Orchid Hotel, Domlur

Kitsch Mandi


Kudos to this innovation of a flea market that has managed to turn itself into a community of sorts, with crowds of sheer worshippers flocking to each of their markets. Showcasing a self-proclaimed tag of being a ‘Festival of Emerging Indian Artists’, it stays true to its nature. Kitsch Mandi is a flamboyant display of art, culture and talent that echoes free spirited creativity as its characteristic theme.

Upcoming edition: New dates TBA. Follow them here for updates.

9 Fashion disasters men should not make in 2016

Trust me… you do not want to be called an ugly duckling. I talk from experience. All throughout high school  and a part of my college years my classmates used to call me a caterpillar. Well… caterpillar is just one of the names. Although how a human kid could resemble a larva is still a mystery to me.

Hello! My name is Prashant and I am a stylist. I like making people look and feel good . Ironic rite?

Well.. at least I make no pretense of being accurate and faultless.

Getting to the point.

Lets face it – good taste in clothes is not always a guy’s strength. With work life, love life, and everything else in between, it’s understandable that you don’t get time to check what’s IN and what’s OUT in a particular season. So developing a “FCS” (fashionably challenged syndrome) is is bound to happen. After all, fashion trends change faster than you think.

In this post I will throw light on a few horrific fashion disasters that men should never make and certainly not in 2016. Not unless you are Perez Hilton or Kanye West. Then you can get away with almost anything. Even if you show up wearing loudmouth golf pants, a couture jacket, Jeremy Schott shoes, and a Longchamp bag.

Lets proceed now –

1. Lose the deep V neck t-shirt : We get it. You go to the gym… you probably have a Greek God’s body or maybe you put a Greek God to shame, but your pumped up and hairy chest isn’t something that women want to see when they meet you first. So save that for bedroom.


2. Crocs – They are just a bad invention. Unless you are wearing it while taking shower or taking your dog out for a walk in the park.


3. White socks with dress shoes – It’s a fashion crime. Most men think wearing white socks with dress shoes is cool because “Michael Jackson” wore it. Well guess what; you are not MJ. White socks are meant to be worn only with sports shoes. So unless you are going to get involved into anything sporty! 3

4. Mismatched shoes and belt – There is only one rule you should remember when you are getting dressed. Match your shoes with your belt! 4

5. Hide your undershirt – If you decide to wear an under shirt then make sure it is not seen. It kills your look instantly. Unless you are layering in winters. 5

6. Ill fitted suits – Main purpose of a suit is to make you look sharp, clean, slick, and sophisticated. Suits are a classic, timeless piece of garment and it makes any man look dapper. However, if it does not fit your body type then it may end up looking like the opposite of all the fancy words that I have used above. So always invest in tailor made suits if you do not find a piece which fits you perfectly. 6

7. Ed Hardy t-shirts – As much as I love the fact that this brand is legendary and made some major history, wearing Ed Hardy graphic printed t-shirts will instantly make you look like a loser dad. So I highly advice not to wear anything that remotely looks like that. 7

8. Capri pants – Girls might get away with this but guys won’t be forgiven! 9

9. Over matched – Seriously dude! What are you? Govinda? 8



Can men wear scarves? Oh hell yeah!

“Men and scarves”, a correlation that does not always go well. Originally and technically 10 inches wide, 70 inches long piece of rectangular fabric cut to wrap around the neck has not always charmed the men of India.

While some of us might try to deal with “How to tie a scarf in 5 different ways” problem, most of the Indian male population feels wearing a scarf is somehow effeminate. Now how about that ha?

So I took it upon myself to solve this problem. You can thank me later 😉

Just for your information – Scarves have been around for over 2000 years. They have not only been around but been a staple in men’s wardrobe as well. Back then militaries used to use scarves as rank insignia and unit designators. Rite from Terracotta warriors of China to Modern day desert military units. They all have sported this particular article of clothing which has now become a fashion accessory. Doesn’t sound so girly anymore. Does it?


The basic functionality of a scarf is to protect your neck from cold weather but men also wear it to protect their neck from sun and sand while crossing the Sahara. Of course those scarves are made of light weight fabrics like Linen or silk.

In today’s world, it has become more of an accessory which can be sported anytime of the year. Specially if you are living in a city like Bangalore where the climate condition is way too fabulous.

You can wear it with your casual t-shirt, with your summer jacket, with your sweater, layer it with your leather biker jacket or blazer or wear it at extreme bone chilling condition. It just adds an instant upgrade to your entire ensemble giving you a dapperly (if that’s a word) and classic look.


In the images I am wearing a thick knitted scarf that I bought from UCB. I have layered my look a lot because I was in Delhi during the shoot and we all know how cold Delhi gets in December. Phewwwwww….

Anyway… so now I have given you all the reasons to go out and invest in a scarf and like I said – You can thank me later 🙂

DSC_0399  DSC_0355









Sweater Weather – Layer Up Men of Bangalore!

Well if there is one city in India I absolutely love, it is Namma Bengaluru. My very first reason to love it is the weather condition. Well of course you would not be able to wear trench coats and women may have to still use the razor throughout November, December and January but a moderate weather condition has its own fashionable charm. You get the best of both sides of the world. Layer yourself up and off as the day turns from cold to warm to pleasant and back to cold. Din’t get it ?

I am talking about layering up this winter.

But how do you do it in style? How do you layer and not look stalky and unpleasant? How do you not come across as someone who looks like he could use a breathing mask?

It’s simple. Just follow the steps given below –

  1. Keep it thin – When you plan to layer, make sure that what you are wearing is not stalky fabric. Choose from the softer range of winter clothing. This will help you layer better without looking like a polar bear.  (PC – Max Mayank)
  2. Wear cardigans – Yes, one of the most fashionable pieces of winter wear that I have ever found and which never goes out of style. Cardigans are a good start to layering. (PC – Max Mayank)
  3. Flannel shirts – For the not so warm afternoon when you are not sure whether you are feeling cold or hot. Put on a basic white, grey or any t-shirt of your choice, wear a flannel shirt with your buttons open and you are good to go.  (PC – Dipayan Debbarma)
  4. Soft knit sweaters – This will also work as your full sleeved t-shirt. You can wear it over your collar shirt or wear without it. A lot of men in our city are sporting this look and you should too.Man-s-soft-ribbed-knit-Crew-neck
  5. Casual blazers – Like the one you can see in the image. A casual blazer gives a more relaxed look to your style. You can wear it with your formal shirt, with your casual shirt, with your t-shirt and even with your cardigans. It is the final touch to your layering. Put on a check shirt, layer it with a cardigan and a blazer. A classic Autumn Winter look! (PC – Max Mayank)
  6. Scarves – Then of course comes the scarf. That one piece of accessory you may call it which adds charm to your personal style. (PC – Shilpa Raj)

Hope this post will help you be tackle the Bangalore winter in style and if you are looking for a easy on pocket shopping destination then worry no more because I know just the place for you. Max Fashion, Splash, Prestige The Man Store are few of the retail stores you might want to visit . Oh and John Players have some really cool collection coming in this season.

Models posing are “Rajat Vaidya”, “Navneeth Sagar” and yours truly 😉 xx

Connect with the photographers – Dipayan Debberma, Shilpa Raj and Max Mayank

About a modern Indian groom – Style tips & tricks

Dear Groom to be,

I understand that you love her, want to give her everything possible, and you want to make your wedding day memorable just for her, but hey it’s your big day too. How about making few heads turn, ha? How about stealing the spot light for at least a little while? How about making a dandy difference and hearing them all gasp when you walk across them. After all – Why should girls have all the fun?

So my point is – As you wait for your bride to arrive wearing an exquisite ensemble, it’s only fair for you to shine wearing an invisible crown of sophistication and sheer elegance.

Did I get you confused?

Well, do not worry. Little attention to detail will help you achieve that sartorial wisdom. Wear right and the rest will happen. Compelling visuals could be a good start, you know!


So read on –

  1. Indo Western suits – For a change try investing in an Indo Western ensemble. If you are a modern Indian male then this could be your compelling modern Indian groom look.
  2. Modern velevet sherwani – With the growing number of brands providing modern sherwani in the market you can instantly up your style game and be the show stealer at at your wedding. Velvet is IN this season so you might want to think about it and a little embellished detailing won’t hurt. It’s your wedding day, remember?
  3. Bundies – Well if not on your wedding day then you could probably wear it for the pre-wedding soiree. I personally love it because it is totally suave. Go for a solid color bundy which suits your skin tone and the occassion. I would suggest something which is a little on the brighter side. You can pair your bundy not only with your kurta and pajama but also with your Chinese collar shirt and pathanis aswell.
  4. Churidar – Always go for a well fitted churidar to bring out the best of your kurta. It looks sleek, clean and shows that you are a confident man to be wearing that.
  5. Dhoti pants – If you are in an adventurous mood and want to make a long lasting statement then don the classic traditional dhoti. Trust me you will be gawked at, but in a good way because not a lot of men have the (beep) to wear that.
  6. Accessory – With so much going on, do not do more than a pocket square. Your shoes and pagadi will make up for it!


So I guess this should help you get ready for your wedding and if you still have not got the right statement piece for yourself then there is this men’s fashion store you could go to called “Prestige The Man Store” in Commercial Street Bangalore where all your fashion needs will be taken care of.

You’re welcome!

Oh, and non-grooms, you as well can take some inspiration from this!

Halloween Special: Sinister Smiles and Nocturnal Nails

We hope you’re all set for Halloween, but if not, we have some amazing last minute ideas that don’t involve a costume. We ourselves were still struggling with what to wear, so we figured, why not just make our faces and nails look cool-as-heck?

So, here’s a guide to spook-ify those mugs and (v)amp up a regular manicure.

Pout Like Never Before:

All you need for these looks (image below) is your make-up bag (lipstick, lip liner, eye liner) and maybe a tiny bit of face make up. Don’t forget to carry these with you when you go out! If you don’t have these colours, run out and get them at your local Health&Glow or Lakme salon. Have a little moolah to spare? Head on over to MAC Cosmetics or Clinique.


Wicked Talons:

If you can do these nails (image below) on your own – we applaud you! But since we’re better off writing about nails rather than painting them, we leave it to the professionals at Visage or Mirrors & Within.


Creepy and Chic:

Finally, let’s concentrate on just your face. Try out these uber-spooky makeup looks that have this sexy-evil vibe going on. Don’t worry, the boys won’t go running away 😉 However now you will need more than just your make up bag, but it’ll be worth it!


Who says Halloween is only about the costumes you wear? Be different with these last minute make up and ‘mani’ ideas. Have a spooky one xx

Coming soon to Luru – Zara Umrigar

Bangaloreans, we have a new store alert for you!

Designer Zara Umrigar is finally opening her store in Bangalore, and we cannot wait to get our hands on her drop dead gorgeous gowns!

Here’s a little sneak peek of her Autumn/Winter ’15 collection. IMG_0175Drooling yet? Don’t worry, so are we.

She’s planning on launching the store during the second week of September, so watch this space for more Zara Umrigar details and updates!

Facebook Page


Forever New x Côte d’Azur

Spring summer 2015 collections have hit stores around the city, and we are loving the colours and prints! From pastels to floral, we are seriously impressed with Forever New’s latest pieces, which are inspired by azure waters and sunshine of the French Riviera.

How perfect does that sound? Summer has already made its presence, so why not get those shopping lists out?


All stores obviously have their new collections out, but we thought, why not pick one that is super wearable and has a wide range of products. For example, Forever New even has plenty of accessories (hair, jewellery, and tech) that are a part of the spring summer collection.

Take a look below to see our favourites from the collection! if you visit the store or have a look online, the main colours are white, yellow, blue, and lilac – all the lighter shades. We’re not complaining as it’s a refreshing change from the bright and bold colours.


We love the concept of the Cote d’ Azur collection because who doesn’t want a little bit of South of France in their closet while burning in this Luru heat?

Forever New store locations:

1) Garuda Mall
2) Indiranagar
3) Mantri Square Mall
4) Orion Mall

Written by Nikita Mankani

Luru Gets Some Sweater Weather!

Our lovely little Bangalore has fairly amazing weather throughout the year  and we’re super well known for it! This is still our favourite season though, and not just because of the festivities, but because of the more than usual chilly weather! We kind of have an obsession with knitwear and jackets (oooh layering! yay!), which is why we think sweater weather is the best kind!

We’ve put together a few of our favourite outerwear styles that can be worn in the day and at night. Lucky for us, a lot of restaurants and bars in Bangalore have outdoor areas, which calls for cozy knits and jackets.


Let’s start with leather jackets, which by the way, we absolutely adore. You may think Bangalore weather isn’t cold enough, but we disagree. We’ve been wearing them at night because a) they keep you warm b) look so fab c) they go with almost any attire d) Bonus: no one will mess with ya 😉 ha.

We’ve also picked out varsity style jackets because they’re just plain cool since forever. Who says only men can rock them? Next, we have a chunky bright red sweater, which can be worn with a necklace if you want to amp it up. Moving on, the classic – denim jacket; they’re back with a bang and are perfect for the day when it’s not too cold. Lastly, we have two sweaters which can be worn at night thanks to the sparkles and stitched-in necklace detailing.

Take a pick from these 6 types of outerwear or heck, buy them all 😉 Stay warm and more importantly – in style!

Shop List:

Denim jacket – Forever New
Varsity jacket- Mango
Leather jacket – Zara
Necklace sweater – Zara
Sparkly black sweater- Mango
Chunky red sweater – Mango

Compiled by Nikita Mankani

Shop the Look – Blake Lively

Blake Lively – otherwise known as one of our favourite Gossip Girls always rocks the red carpet with stunning ensembles. We consider her a major fashionista (even in a pregnant state), which is why today’s pieces features her style.

Below, Blake wears a red pantsuit, but she’s not the only one. Other celebs like Selena Gomez, Penelope Cruz and Heidi Klum have been seen in the red power suit. Let’s not get started on the other colours we’ve seen people wear so far because pantsuits are a massive thing.

(Disclaimer: Don’t hate on us if you don’t look as good, because let’s face it, she’s hot as heck and us commoners are lucky to even TRY to look like her)

In the outfit we’ve created (below) there are two blazers to pick from depending on how you want to style the look. If you want to go sexier, lose the black cami and wear the blazer with a button closure, or you can stick to Blake’s styling and wear the cami with either blazer. The trousers aren’t the same, but we love the black stripe on the sides. We also found a similar pair of strappy heels and a nude-ish pink lipstick since the outfit is so bold.


We’re so tempted to try out a pantsuit and maybe even in other colours! Stay tuned if you’re interested in more power suit styles; we may or may not have a couple more favs.

Outfit available at: 

Blazer with zips – Vero Moda

Blazer with button closure – Zara

Black cami – Dorothy Perkins for www.jabong.com

Trousers – Zara

Shoes – Zara

Lipstick – YSL

Written and compiled by Nikita Mankani

Bangalore, Get Your Spook ON!

Now that Diwali is over, we have another holiday to look forward to – Halloween! We have rounded up a list of Halloween stores and costume ideas that are easy DIYs, so no excuses! We understand if you don’t want to spend too much on costumes, so half of these require things you can find at home or they are affordable.

For all you artsy people, who want to make an effort, why not try going as a black swan (film version) or wear some sugar skull make up (iconic in Mexico) or even Roy Lichtenstein infamous pop art. You can either get Halloween face make-up from the party stores (Party Hunter, Party Mania and Party Manao) or legit make up from Health&Glow.


Click on the links for a make up tutorial:

Sugar Skull – we picked out a super simple version of the actual thing.


Pop Art Girl – http://idiehdesign.com/blog/2013/10/01/halloween-makeup-comic-book-lichtenstein-inspired/

Black swan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4t7CHlpeW0

Last minute lazy bums, you know who you are and you know what you’re going as – a black cat? Why don’t you take it up a lazy notch and be a leopard or a cheetah? I’m sure you own an animal print top, so buy the ears (available at party stores mentioned above), get your whiskers on and go crazy with the ‘spotty’ make up either on your lids or your face and neck.


Boys, fancy being a mad scientist? All you have do it is get a white lab coat, find a pair of glasses and make your hair all crazy. Easy peasy. Get the lab coat at any medical store.

We love couples that dress as other couples, so here are a couple (see what we did there?) of ideas.

Mickey & Minnie – ears for both and Minnie’s skirt and bow are available at party stores. Girls, you can wear your own red skirt (Available at F21), cut out white polka dots and stick ‘em on. Boys, just wear a pair of red shorts/trousers (available at Jack & Jones) with a black t-shirt, but don’t forget the nose and whiskers!

Sandy and Danny from Grease – the great thing about these costumes is that each piece can be a part of your daily closet, so you don’t have to feel guilty! For Sandy, you will need black high waist pants (Available at Zara) and a bardot top (available at ASOS), a waist belt (Mango), red shoes (Aldo) and curly hair. For Danny, you will need black trousers or jeans, a black t-shirt and black formal shoes, which you should already own.


Happy Halloween! Go simple or go all out, just don’t be boring as this holiday comes only once a year.

Diwali for Last Minute Shoppers

Diwali is right around the corner and we sincerely hope you’ve got your outfits and jewellery ready. If not, don’t worry; we are here to the rescue. We ourselves were in desperate need of some ethnic pieces in our wardrobe, so we found a few places that will make you happy.

For clothes, there’s a boutique store in Ulsoor (next to Benjarong and Teppan) called Ravina’s. If you want to dress more casual for perhaps a puja or a small Diwali party, you can opt for a kurta or a simple suit. If it’s too plain, try out a bright colour to spruce things up. Ravina’s even has dressier collections so don’t fret, but make sure to go ASAP as things sell out pretty quick.


(Image above: Ravina’s)


FB Page – Click Here

Next comes the jewellery (drool!). We our obsessed with earrings like jhumkas and balis as they add a little something-something to any attire, so costume jewellery is what you need! One of Luru’s favourites is Kantu Mahtani who has ethnic and western pieces. Buy from her and you cannot go wrong, although you will have to get in touch with her to see the goodies.


(Image above: Kantu Mahtani)


Ph: +919845048880

We stumbled upon another jewellery line called Ethnique (clothes are also available under this line) by Kakoli Roy. She has a wide range of adorable earrings that you need to buy this Diwali!


(Image above: Ethnique by Kakoli Roy)


FB Page: Click Here

Festival season can get a little too crazy, so hurry and get shopping! Look your best even if it’s last minute and we hope you have an awesome Diwali!

Style Files – Srivalli Cherla


Who? Srivalli Cherla

What?  Studied Politics and International Relations at the University of Manchester.

Current obsession? Midis. Midis. Oh and more midis.

Wardrobe must haves? Boho inspired trousers and ‘funky’ irreverant tops.

What is she wearing?

  • Top – H&M
  • Jeans – New Look
  • Shoes – Bershka
  • Fedora hat – H&M

Compiled by Nikita Mankani

New Store Alert! – ‘Call It Spring’ opens its doors to Luru

Guess what, Bangaloreans? We have great news for you! Especially for all the shopaholics. There’s a new shoes and accessories store in town and they stock up for both men (bags, shoes, sandals) and women (shoes, bags, jewellery, sunglasses).


Call It Spring started off in Canada and is a part of the company that owns one of our favourite shoe stores – Aldo. The store is located in Garuda Mall and it’s only the second one in the country. Woot woot! If you want to know what their stuff is like, just peek at the little catalogue of looks we’ve compiled here:


From gladiator sandals to two-tone heels to the biggest shoe trend that is the ankle strap – they have it all! Gentleman, don’t worry, their shoes have a wide range that goes from casual to formal in a jiff!


We have totally fallen in love with all the accessories. From the bracelet sets to the adorable watches to the necklaces, we just can’t get enough. And of course, there are plenty of bags because we yet have to meet a girl that isn’t ‘totes’ obsessed 😉

What’s more is, that their prices are wallet-friendly and they keep up with all the new trends we youngins strive to scout.

So get your lists ready and shop till you drop!

Fashion Finder – Bangalore Brunching!

“What’s the scene this Sunday?”


If you’re a Bangalorean, surely those words ring a bell – a very loud and noisy bell. The notorious Sunday brunches have been around for a while and are still going strong. Bars and restaurants all over the city have hopped onto the bandwagon.

You’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with today’s fashion post?” But let’s be honest, people. Apart from being in the party-mode, we know most of you plan your outfit well in advance – “Is this dressy enough? Have I worn this already?” Don’t worry; been there, done that. It’s almost like a best-dressed competition with copious, copious amounts of alcohol. Right?

If you’re running out of brunchy ideas, we’ve come up with a couple of outfits. We mostly see girls in similar dresses and crop tops, which is why we decided to switch things up a tiny bit. Of course, dresses are great, but why not go for a different type of dress, or even a playsuit?


If you want to be even more different, try out a pair of good ol’ jeans – remember them?! You may think they’re too casual, but trust us; jeans look perfect if worn with the right top and accessories.


We’ve mostly gone for outfits with wedges and block heels because they are more comfortable for a long day, but you can always opt for a pair of flats, especially if you’re partying post brunch, which seems to be a part of the Sunday craze.

Go on and try to change up your look, even though you may not remember it the morning after (not that we encourage you to do so).

Outfit #1 available at:

Playsuit – Mango

Necklace – Accessorize

Shoes (flats and wedges) – Steve Madden

Bracelet and bag – Aldo

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Outfit #2 available at:

All from Mango

Written and compiled by Nikita Mankani

Fashion for a Good Cause

Today, the 20th of September, the fashion world gives back at the Marriott Hotel Whitefield! It’s a gala called the Pink Event hosted by Prasad Bidapa to raise awareness for breast cancer. Bangalore, you can help!


The event will include a fashion show by Bibi Russel (we’ll come to her later), an art auction featuring the infamous M.F Hussain and a few others and a theatrical performance by Renegade Arts & Theatre Society. Apart from awareness, the funds raised will go towards equipment that can detect breast cancer, particularly in our very own Karnataka.


In case you don’t know who they are, here’s a quick low down on Prasad Bidapa and Bibi Russel:

Bidapa is based out of our little Luru where he is known to be a fashion guru. He’s a designer, image consultant, has his own model management company and has awesome projects like Prasad Bidapa Fashion Week and Prasad Bidapa Megamodel Hunt.

Bibi Russel on the other hand is from Bangladesh and used to be a model, but now is a world-renowned fashion designer. As a model in her early days, she strutted her stuff for the ‘big players’ like YSL, Giorgio Armani and the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. As a designer, she incorporates indigenous Bengali cultural elements into her collections.


Apart from the fashion world, both Bidapa and Russel are involved with charity and fund-raising; he’s committed to educating children and she provides employment to weavers in rural Bangladesh. It’s no wonder why these two have come together for a fashionable and good cause.

The dress code is pink for obvious reasons and if you want to be a part of this day, you can click here to buy tickets . Please try and make it, every little helps! xx

Written by Nikita Mankani

Shop the Look – Kim Kardashian West

Kim and her family need absolutely no introduction. Love her, or hate her, you still know her! This Kardashian is known for plenty of things – we know what your dirty minds are thinking, but no, this is purely about her style.

She started off as a stylist and now, designer labels like Givenchy to Balmain, they all want her to wear their stuff. That’s how big she is in the fashion industry.

Don’t judge us because Kimmy K inspires this week’s post. We’re not gonna lie – we adore her style! She is known to have dramatic looks, like wearing a ball gown just for dinner down the street. But we picked out a look that is glam and perfect for a big night out in Bangalore.


Quick fashion update – midis (skirts and dresses) are making waves in every store, which is why we picked this outfit.

Keep your make-up simple because of the deep colour and throw on a pair of nude heels (catch Kim out and about in flats. It ALMOST never happens). If you want the exact same beauty look, we’ve included make up for a smokey eye, nude lips and her trademark bronzed skin.

So go on and be a Kardashian for a night!

The pieces are available at:

  • Crop top, midi skirt and shoes – www.asos.com
  • Lipstick – MAC Cosmetics (in the shade, Twig)
  • Bronzer – Revlon
  • Eyeliner – Maybelline

Written by Nikita Mankani

The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide

Summer may be nearly over, but that doesn’t mean we have to put our sunglasses away; thanks to Luru’s perfect weather. Over the years, we’ve seen different styles come and go, so we have rounded up the most popular kinds just for you!

On the left column (below) from top to bottom we have 1) Coloured 2) Tortoise/Printed 3) Wayfarer and 4) Reflective lenses.

On the right column (below) from top to bottom we have 1) Cat eye 2) Aviator 3) Oversized and 4) Round/retro.


Now that our favourites and famous styles have been established, let’s talk about face shapes. Just because there is a new sunnies (sunglasses) trend, doesn’t mean you’re going to look good (no offence). Why, you ask? Because they have to suit the shape of your face – duh!

So, this is also our guide on what should suit your face. The general ‘rule’ is that you should choose styles that are the opposite of your face shape. This is so true – we’ve actually experimented!


For all you round faces, go for something rectangular and possibly oversized to give you some angles and edges. If you have a heart-shaped face like Angelina Jolie, opt for a pair of aviators. Who would have thought the classic aviator looks downright ridiculous on some faces? Oval face shapes, try out the chic cat eye trend. Lastly, angular faces should go for retro/round sunglasses to soften your look.

We hope this guide helps you on your next shopping spree! xx

Products available at:

  • Sunglass Hut – Phoenix Marketcity and Mantri Square
  • Ray-Ban – Opticians around the city
  • Mango – Garuda Mall and Orion Mall
  • Web – www.myntra.com and www.stylefiesta.com

Written by Nikita Mankani

Style Files – Meet Rhea Subramanian


Who? – Rhea Subramanian

What? – Works at Ernst & Young to sort out your tax.

Obsession? – White shirts and t-shirts in all shapes and styles.

Fashion Fetish? – Anything white and shorts. Lots of shorts.

What is she wearing?

  • Top – H&M
  • Shorts – Pull & Bear
  • Shoes – Forever21
  • Arm candy – H&M
  • Watch – Fossil

Compiled by Nikita Mankani