The Potion Brewster


Here’s Mitali. Mitali Tandon is the brain behind Luru’s favourite hangover detox elixir, Morning Fresh and the Bro’ster, a cheeky coaster that loves having a convo with you while you’re having a pint of beer.

A self-proclaimed closet foodie (not any more!), Mitali even has an unknown alias on Zomato. We suspect it’s the username that’s liking all those pictures of lemon tarts, key lime pie, gin & tonic (with lemon), kebabs (with extra lemon on top)… see the pattern?

When she’s not in search of the next beach to tan on, she’s probably busy planning one of her over-the-top birthday girl produced shenanigans for her favourite day of the year. We hear the next one might even be on a helipad.

Mitali loves to sing really loudly, especially while she’s driving. Except one little thing, she’s terrible. A little traffic cop of a birdie told us she even got pulled over, because he thought he could swear she was talking on her phone loudly and not really belting a jam.

If you do happen to bump into her around Bangalore, you best make sure your tequila doesn’t land up behind her shoulder on the floor. Thrower alert! On the bright side, since she doesn’t like getting wasted.. more cola flavoured Morning Fresh for us x

Mister Upbeatz

Upbeatz- Siddharth (1)

Hey Bangalore. Meet Siddharth. Founder of Upbeat Retail. Basically, he’s the reason you can wear Knockarounds and Zorratas, apply Anatomicals and ManCave.

What’s oxymoronic about this Manchester Uni graduate is, his entire product range comes in the brightest colours known to man, but he’s colour blind.

It’s impossible to get his attention while he’s in his television zone unless you shout out keywords like Ari Gold or talk like Fez. A little birdie told us random bursts of Dothraki and yelling out valar morghulis might do the trick too. 😉

This Bangalorean’s love for experimental cooking and passion for cheese even landed him in a cheese making course at Murray’s Cheese in New York. Fancy schmancy!
Music is his kryptonite, and he’s already been to Tomorrowland, The Electric Daisy Carnival, Creamfields, Sensation White, Hard Music Festival and Holi One Festival! Whew. So don’t be surprised if you don’t bump into him around town.. he’s probably scouting these festivals for the next cool product to bring to India for you!


The Pied Piper of Bangalore

The name’s Arora. Eisha Arora.

Wondering why she got a ‘filmy’ intro? Because she IS a talking, walking and breathing personification of movies (read drama). Do not be fooled by this Bollywood obsessed wannabe Salman’s wife kinda girl’s facade though. She hides her true talents pretty well.

Since she taught little kids, she always knew she would surround herself with them. I mean, you really have to love rugrats to drop the glam industry of fashion design to become a full time party planner (the kinds where there’s more balloons than the movie ‘Up’ and everyone’s on a sugar rush). Yep, she’s the brainchild behind Birthday Bugz.

Her family swears that if this choreographer doesn’t come dancing to them at least once a day, it’s going to be a bad one (uh oh Tandav alert!). For this girl, a perfect date night is probably at home with a litre of Coke, some Lay’s (Magic Masala please!) and Bigg Boss on TV. If you REALLY want to win her over, let her beat you at Monopoly Deal. Sorted.

From loving her feline, Pepper to loving (and overusing) the ‘monkey shutting its eyes’ emoticon on WhatsApp, this girl is a total animal person. Nothing would make her day more than finding a stray Tom a new home with a new Jerry to call its own.

This foodie can eat Sunny’s all day, all week, all year.. as long as it doesn’t wipe her lipstick off. Now that’s when it’s a real catastrophe. No seriously though, we dare you to spot her without M.A.C lipstick on. Dinner’s on us.

The Warrior


Meet Dhruv. Dhruv Warrior.

His visiting card says he’s an ahem.. Creative Supervisor at JWT. We know what that means. Big snazzy made-up title, but no life. Okay fine, so he’s won a couple.. ten.. hundred Lions in advertising and worked on brands like Nike, Kingfisher. More importantly, he’s also the co-founder of the previously featured Jägertron shot (click here)! He even has a special tee with its logo and stuff. Finally, an achievement we love.

When this avid cricketer (before turning footballer) isn’t rubbing elbows with local celeb teammates (read Binny), he’s googling what tattoo to get next or what to jump off of. Mmmm we smell adrenaline.

He’s an absolute foodie and we really do believe him because when it comes to spicy food, he’s a white man, YET he claims that every litre of sweat and the catastrophicly devastating burn that follows is so totally worth it. Respect.

Want to bump into him? Try his Margath Road office.. or better yet, his second office.. Monkey Bar. He’s the tall one shooting pool.

Written by Sanchita Wahi

The Entrepreneur with a Shoe Fetish


Meet Kabra. Naushik Kabra.

He is one of the youngest plastic entrepreneurs. We really do love that word pun, but no, he’s as real as real can get. Well ‘real’ for him is very different for everyone else, but that’s a whole new article.

When he’s not busy bagging Plasticon Awards and heading the best SME in India (awarded by Dun & Bradstreet), Kabs is shopping his heart out. He makes no qualms about the fact that he’s absolutely addicted to shoes, and there are two people who can absolutely have their way with him – Ferragamo & Gucci.

Looks can be deceiving, because this poised, classy, so put-together man with his signature drawl, is actually terrified and shrieks at the thought of scary movies. By that, we hope he doesn’t mean Confessions of a Shopaholic. 😉

Even though he loves his travel, and his company has him globetrotting, we absolutely love the fact that he thinks there’s nothing better than going crazy on the weekends and raging it in Bangalore contradictory to what people have to say about the nightlife. Respect Kabs. Respect.

So now that you know where your likely to bump into this eligible mogul, get cracking on what shoes to wear.. and if they’re Crocs, just do him a favour and stay at home.

The Empress of Vintage


This is Tina Sareen.

She’s like The Girl in the Pearl Earring meets Carrie Bradshaw.

She has given Bangalore it’s very first couture boutique, complete with trims, lace and it’s own little secret garden – Little Black Dress. it’s like stepping into Hepburn’s private den. You gotta love it.

We’re really surprised she loves her bird prints so much because we hear that she would freeze cold at the sight of an actual one. She is quite the travel enthusiast, but again, cannot stand the thought of packing. Contradictory creative, this one!

Of course a designer isn’t a designer until they have their quirks, and this one has a habit of reading magazines from the back to front, insists on handwriting letters till date (collective awww everyone), and hates the thought of company while she indulges herself in retail therapy.

When asked, most people will always say they’re adventurous. This is the first person who admits blatantly that she can’t stand adventure. Tina is content viewing the world with rose tinted cat eye frames, while living in her vintage polka dotted bubble, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Written by Sanchita Wahi

The Coach


This is Kabeer Shetty. His visiting card reads ‘Coordinator Boca Juniors Football Schools India’. But only after a long array of many visiting cards from ad firms, TV stations, marketing and the list goes on and on.

This Bangalorean, who is also a certified coach by the Dutch Football Federation, was part of the Indian Commonwealth Games but denies being Kalmadi’s accomplice. Now if only he would stop grinning, we would believe him.

His biggest passion though lies in everything football. Watching, playing  teaching. He of course thinks, like other Gooners, that Arsenal is the ‘greatest club’ in the world. We spoke to someone who supported Hull City, they think that about their team too.

Well, what we can’t take away from him is his achievement of starting off as an amateur footballer (Sunday FC) and then playing in the super division of India under the name of Jawahar Union. The only think that beats this is his other equally great talent – being ambidextrous (Google it, don’t be lazy).

Shetty happens to be obsessed with his Nike bathroom slippers. No really. He could wear them at graduation, a black tie dinner or on a date even. He also blatantly admits to his Acrophobia (did you shut that Google window already?). We’re really worried, because he definitely looks like he will be reaching new heights.

Written by Sanchita Wahi

The Man with the Mic


Meet Anuj. Anuj Char.

His love for emceeing is only a little more than his love for theatre. Basically, he loves anything and everything that will put him on stage.

He sheepishly admits of his guilty pleasures and habits that involve sleek, sexy, gorgeous pieces of… metal. His Royal Enfield Continental GT, his obsession. He also prides himself in being a help hotline for friends, be it party organisation or a suggestion of where to buy engine oil – his phone keeps ringing off the hook. Lucky Anuj.

We happen to think he is very secure with himself, because it takes a really secure man to openly declare his love for Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, definitely.

What with having emceed over 800 shows, and being a Page 3 regular in Luru, pretty sure he’s well on his way to hosting for King Khan himself.

We give him 2 years.

The Bling Brothers

Meet Chaitu (left) & CV (right). Their business cards read Chaitanya V. Cotha and Shreyas V. Cotha, but yeah that’s too hectic to say or type.

They make up the sixth gen of C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons which needs no introduction if you are a Bangalorean purebred. We think it’s enough to know that the Maharaja of Mysore, the Nizam of Hyderabad + 20 other royal families swear by them. Yeah, that bad ass.

They unabashedly  admit to their shortcoming when it comes to remembering names, so don’t take offence. They also have perfected the cover up strategy for their bad recollection. A 1000 watt grin that more than makes up for it. Promise

They might share the same DNA, but CV likes his cinema on premiere night. Chaitu is more likely to watch it in bed, curled up next to the wife.

Chaitu doesn’t look like it, but his skin crawls at the thought or sight of bugs. He also likes the colour pink (a bit too much) and wears it way more than his wife.

CV is guilty of being a closet geek. He loves his sci-fi & board games. He’s been watching reruns of Southpark for years and he still laughs at the same jokes every single time, as loud as when he first heard it. Yep, that’s the bad memory we were talking about.

These gentleman also have an extremely logical, practical, oh-so-glitch-free way of settling their arguments. The winner is the one who shouts the loudest. Simple.

The Livewire

Meet Martin D’Souza.

He’s a writer, photographer, DJ and KJ (Karaoke Jockey, yes it is a real thing even though his family refuses to admit so).

For someone who couldn’t sing and sang the same track for three years at karaoke bars (you know the type), Martin’s definitely come out of his cocoon. You’ll agree with us if you’ve seen him belt Shaggy & Apache like we have, on Sunday nights at OPUS.

So we hear he’s half Goan, and half Coorg, but doesn’t drink. Wonder what the hell went wrong there. At the risk of sounding cliche, he honestly does have the ‘high on life’ sort of vibe. No really.

He claims his kryptonite goes by the name of dessert. Yeah we’ve seen that around. We feel you Martin.

The Shutterbug

Say hello to Punya Arora.

Take a nice long look at her face while you can because it’s either buried in a book, behind one of her many sunglasses or a camera lens.

When she isn’t getting down to the grind at her newly launched studio (StudioPuns), she’s visiting faculty at the Light and Life Academy, Ooty.

Punya worships biryani. No, that isn’t just an exaggeration. She literally believes there are biryani Gods somewhere who bestowed upon us this lovely dish of awesomeness. She also thinks Veg. Biryani is a shameless lie and has cheated the world for too long.

On her Instagram handle, amongst everyday objects that don’t look anything like everyday objects, you will spot an occasional selfie or two.. oh and some feet shots. She loves her quirky footwear. We do too.

Word has it that Punya has recently taken a liking to open water diving & jumps in with her equipment to weave underwater magic. Glug glug click.

The Flower Child

This is Mana Santhanam. Freelance writer and fireball of creativity.

She is one of those people who has ‘three’ firsts… three first loves that is. Writing of course, but art and music too. Yep, she is a groupie.

When she isn’t watching Naruto or drooling over Kakashi (her obsessive anime crush), she is researching the newest tunes out to share with her Facebook list or finding Calvin & Hobbes strips to make her as her cover photo.

For being an Army kid, Mana loves her flowery hair clips and hairbands a bit too much. Just as much as she loves weird nail polish.

Some of us would think we made it in life if we won the lottery, not Mana. She thinks her life would be a grand success if only she could wake up at 6 a.m. and do Yoga.

She claims that making her a mug of tea guarantees lifetime friendship. Now where did we keep that damn strainer?

The Cool Cat in a Chef’s Hat

Meet Manu Chandra. Also known as Chef M.

That M can stand for anything we’d like to believe. His favourite show Mad Men, his beloved gastropub Monkey Bar, or if you want to be boring.. fine, his first name.

Chef M might be executive chef of 5 restaurants all over the country (Olive Beach, Monkey Bar & The Fatty Bao) but at home he is a total TV show buff probably sitting with a huge bowl (maybe his third) of potato chips and his beloved Ramen while he’s watching Khaleesi rescue the unsullied (Game of Thrones reference, duh!).

His afternoon nap is almost ritualistic and sacred. You don’t want to bear the aftermath of waking him up from it, unless you happen to be a canine called Rocco who comes with a full license to bully.

Word around B-Town also is that you have a better chance of out-flipping his pancakes than beating him at Antakshari. Yep. Believe it.

Dancer Dreamer Shooter

Meet Aashith Shetty.

He used to be a professional dancer who is now known for fashion photography.

A strong believer in Karma, Aashith thinks people who do terrible unspeakable things (like mess with his food) have it coming. When he’s not updating his website, in his free time he loves to pick on bullies.

Apart from being an acclaimed photographer, he is also co-founder of The Jägertron. Um no, it’s not a German transformer. It’s a lethal combo of Jäger & Cafe Patron, which Aashith claims is soon going to become the world’s favourite shot.

When he likes a shirt or jeans in a particular size and brand he makes sure he buys every colour available. Somebody should really keep him away from that Lacoste store.

The Girl from 2 States

This is Kavya Chandra.

This Punjabi-Tamilian (yes you read right) girl’s childhood we are told was full of confused meals consisting of paranthas and sambar.

She is an Indian couture designer with her own boutique Soulful Hues. Unfortunately for her business partner a.k.a Mom, Kavya’s biggest indulgence is making clothes for herself, but she calls it her ‘marketing strategy’. Clever.

A total Bollywood buff and an avid practitioner and trained yoga instructor, we wouldn’t be surprised to catch her doing an impossible 108 Suryanamaskars to ‘Dum Mast Kalandar’.

Contrary to her go-getter boutique owning side, there exists no ambition when it comes to saving. It’s times like these when Kavya is thankful she tied the knot with a Sindhi boy.

Luru’s Mini Mad Man

Originally christened Rohit Venkatesh, he goes by the name Jorge Martinez (pronounced hor-hay for you unilingual people), on the internet.

He claims that it’s a tribute to his favourite Chilean radio commercial character. But we think it’s to escape the “fame” of appearing in the ‘Kanna Keepa Calm’ commercial. (Yes, you were right, he did look familiar).

A self-professed fan girl of Don Draper, he admits to being more of a Peggy Olsen at Lowe Lintas, where he moonlights as an advertising copywriter.

His favourite conversation starter is his silver steel Superman watch which he got for 10c on eBay (he paid $10 for shipping however). He’s also known to randomly mention his 1976 model B Yezdi in this conversation.

All the girls (and boys) out there with a foot fetish, Rohit happens to have really nice toes.


The name is Gill. Kanan Gill.

If Kanan said the above sentence we are sure it would be accompanied by fake finger gun shooting and a mock serious expression holding back a goofy grin.

Always devouring non-fiction or writing in obscure cafes, he is likely to be spotted walking around Church Street talking to people.. making them go viral on YouTube. Oh you know, the usual.

One of his guilty pleasures includes riding slowly and obeying traffic rules on his Activa. The other probably is, telling free jokes at least twice a week at Take5 and Urban Solace.

He is very proud of his pretentious streak. But then again, maybe his pretence is also a pretence?

Lady Godiva

Meet RSV. That’s short for Rashmi S Vaswani.

Rashmi owns Rage Chocolatier. They’re symmetrical chocolates with the prettiest wrappers.

She has completed her MBA from IMI Delhi, can code websites and is also working on a book. Basically if she told us that she had pet a unicorn, we wouldn’t put it past Rashmi. She can do anything.

She has an infectious laugh and an even more addictive personality. She can also have conversations with a mute wall. No seriously, we’ve seen this.

The Beer Man

This is Gaurav Sikka.

He is also known as gsik. He is a true Gunner who loves his beer. So obviously, he gave Bangalore one of its most popular breweries, Arbor Brewing Co.

He is also passionate about all things Michigan, his alma-mater.

When he isn’t trying to fit everything he wants to say into 140 characters on Twitter all day, he is playing on the greens and improving his handicap. Last we heard, it was 22.