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“What’s the scene this Sunday?”


If you’re a Bangalorean, surely those words ring a bell – a very loud and noisy bell. The notorious Sunday brunches have been around for a while and are still going strong. Bars and restaurants all over the city have hopped onto the bandwagon.

You’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with today’s fashion post?” But let’s be honest, people. Apart from being in the party-mode, we know most of you plan your outfit well in advance – “Is this dressy enough? Have I worn this already?” Don’t worry; been there, done that. It’s almost like a best-dressed competition with copious, copious amounts of alcohol. Right?

If you’re running out of brunchy ideas, we’ve come up with a couple of outfits. We mostly see girls in similar dresses and crop tops, which is why we decided to switch things up a tiny bit. Of course, dresses are great, but why not go for a different type of dress, or even a playsuit?


If you want to be even more different, try out a pair of good ol’ jeans – remember them?! You may think they’re too casual, but trust us; jeans look perfect if worn with the right top and accessories.


We’ve mostly gone for outfits with wedges and block heels because they are more comfortable for a long day, but you can always opt for a pair of flats, especially if you’re partying post brunch, which seems to be a part of the Sunday craze.

Go on and try to change up your look, even though you may not remember it the morning after (not that we encourage you to do so).

Outfit #1 available at:

Playsuit – Mango

Necklace – Accessorize

Shoes (flats and wedges) – Steve Madden

Bracelet and bag – Aldo

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Outfit #2 available at:

All from Mango

Written and compiled by Nikita Mankani