The Potion Brewster


Here’s Mitali. Mitali Tandon is the brain behind Luru’s favourite hangover detox elixir, Morning Fresh and the Bro’ster, a cheeky coaster that loves having a convo with you while you’re having a pint of beer.

A self-proclaimed closet foodie (not any more!), Mitali even has an unknown alias on Zomato. We suspect it’s the username that’s liking all those pictures of lemon tarts, key lime pie, gin & tonic (with lemon), kebabs (with extra lemon on top)… see the pattern?

When she’s not in search of the next beach to tan on, she’s probably busy planning one of her over-the-top birthday girl produced shenanigans for her favourite day of the year. We hear the next one might even be on a helipad.

Mitali loves to sing really loudly, especially while she’s driving. Except one little thing, she’s terrible. A little traffic cop of a birdie told us she even got pulled over, because he thought he could swear she was talking on her phone loudly and not really belting a jam.

If you do happen to bump into her around Bangalore, you best make sure your tequila doesn’t land up behind her shoulder on the floor. Thrower alert! On the bright side, since she doesn’t like getting wasted.. more cola flavoured Morning Fresh for us x