The Pied Piper of Bangalore

The name’s Arora. Eisha Arora.

Wondering why she got a ‘filmy’ intro? Because she IS a talking, walking and breathing personification of movies (read drama). Do not be fooled by this Bollywood obsessed wannabe Salman’s wife kinda girl’s facade though. She hides her true talents pretty well.

Since she taught little kids, she always knew she would surround herself with them. I mean, you really have to love rugrats to drop the glam industry of fashion design to become a full time party planner (the kinds where there’s more balloons than the movie ‘Up’ and everyone’s on a sugar rush). Yep, she’s the brainchild behind Birthday Bugz.

Her family swears that if this choreographer doesn’t come dancing to them at least once a day, it’s going to be a bad one (uh oh Tandav alert!). For this girl, a perfect date night is probably at home with a litre of Coke, some Lay’s (Magic Masala please!) and Bigg Boss on TV. If you REALLY want to win her over, let her beat you at Monopoly Deal. Sorted.

From loving her feline, Pepper to loving (and overusing) the ‘monkey shutting its eyes’ emoticon on WhatsApp, this girl is a total animal person. Nothing would make her day more than finding a stray Tom a new home with a new Jerry to call its own.

This foodie can eat Sunny’s all day, all week, all year.. as long as it doesn’t wipe her lipstick off. Now that’s when it’s a real catastrophe. No seriously though, we dare you to spot her without M.A.C lipstick on. Dinner’s on us.