Mister Upbeatz

Upbeatz- Siddharth (1)

Hey Bangalore. Meet Siddharth. Founder of Upbeat Retail. Basically, he’s the reason you can wear Knockarounds and Zorratas, apply Anatomicals and ManCave.

What’s oxymoronic about this Manchester Uni graduate is, his entire product range comes in the brightest colours known to man, but he’s colour blind.

It’s impossible to get his attention while he’s in his television zone unless you shout out keywords like Ari Gold or talk like Fez. A little birdie told us random bursts of Dothraki and yelling out valar morghulis might do the trick too. 😉

This Bangalorean’s love for experimental cooking and passion for cheese even landed him in a cheese making course at Murray’s Cheese in New York. Fancy schmancy!
Music is his kryptonite, and he’s already been to Tomorrowland, The Electric Daisy Carnival, Creamfields, Sensation White, Hard Music Festival and Holi One Festival! Whew. So don’t be surprised if you don’t bump into him around town.. he’s probably scouting these festivals for the next cool product to bring to India for you!