#IHBLists: Bangalore’s top picks of coastal restaurants serving up a seafood storm

Seafood lovers, come aboard – get ready to mark these joints in your food journal!

Karavalli, The Gateway Hotel

Yes, it’s exorbitantly priced but so worth it. The uplifting ambience, top – notch service and impeccably delicious food make for one indulgent meal! At Karvalli, you can pamper yourself in true style. Once you’ve had the complimentary serve of rasam that accompanies your meal, you will happily look forward to your meal to come.

Psst! – Leave your menu up to the knowledgeable staff to suggest… you will be pleasantly surprised by their intuitive recommendation, as per your taste.

#IHBLoves – Meen Eleittad, Allapuzzah meen curry, Caramel Banana Ice Cream

  • Damages: Rs. 3500 for 2 approx.
  • Location: The Gateway Hotel, Residency Road
  • Contact: 080 66604545

Mangalore Pearl

A pocket-friendly joint that is a boon for seafood lovers looking to have a drool-worthy meal. Be sure to start your meal with the ‘solkadi’, a pink coloured, spicy and tongue-tingling version of buttermilk that is served at just the right temperature. Quick service and great food are a stand-out at Mangalore Pearl.

#IHBLoves – Seer Fish Fry, Squid Sukka, Crab Ghee Roast, Bangda Fish Curry

  • Damages: Rs. 700 for 2 approx.
  • Locations: Frazer Town
  • Contact: 080 – 25578855

Mahesh Lunch Home

Offering an array of food that covers the cuisine of the west coast of India, Mahesh Lunch Home has a super extensive menu so make sure you come with a mighty appetite. Though a bit pricey, the taste and generous portions match up to provide a satisfied dining experience. Advance booking are strongly recommended as it is hard to find an empty table at the bustling restaurant.

#IHBLoves – Surmai Fish Curry, Bombay Duck Fry, Stuffed Baked Crab (above), Clams Sukka

  • Damages: Rs. 1500 for 2 approx.
  • Location: Residency Road
  • Contact: 080 – 41311101

Sanadige, Goldfinch Hotel

A menu that boasts of exceptional cuisines from Kerala, Mangalore, Maharashtra and Goa. The vibrant ambience with traditional influences stand out prominently as friendly staff usher you to your table. The fresh seafood display at the restaurant allows you to pick your meal for the day, assuring you the freshness of your meal. Their bar menu offers treats, as exciting as their food with some exotic coolers and cocktails to complete a well-balanced meal 😉

#IHBLoves – Yetti Sukka (Prawns), Stuffed Kurle (De-shelled Crab) and Anjal Tawa Fry

  • Damages: Rs. 1200 for 2 approx.
  • Location: Goldfinch Hotel, 32/3, Crescent Road, Off Race Course Road, High Grounds,
  • Contact: 080 – 41291300

Vembanad, The Paul

A fine -dining restaurant that offers authentic Kerala cuisine with a flair for seafood. Every dish is a careful blend of spices and flavours and the staff will be happy to assist you if you want to pair them with a drink. No wonder they were once awarded ‘Best Restaurant – Kerala Cuisine’ at the Times Food & Nightlife Awards.

Psst!: The fish pickle served as an accompaniment is one of the best we’ve tasted… go crazy!

#IHBLoves – Malabari Chemmeen Soup, Fish, Meen Nirachathu, Njandu Varatiyathu

  • Damages: Rs. 1800 for 2 approx.
  • Location: Off Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur
  • Contact: 080 – 40477777

Anupam’s Coast II Coast

An absolute legend in seafood, this classic restaurant is sure to be any Mangalorean’s pride and joy. With the most traditional dishes cooked spot – on and some characteristic Tandoori and Chinese imitations made exciting, no wonder Luru food lovers are ga-ga over Anupam’s. Though we love that the quality and taste of the food remains unchanged overtime, the ambience could sure use some sprucing up, to match the spice of the menu!

#IHBLoves – Ghee roast with Appams, Prawn Sukka, Crab Masala Fry

  • Damages: Rs. 1000 for 2 approx.
  • Locations: M.G. Road, Koramangala
  • Contact: 080 – 41460555

Carnival de Goa

As the name suggests, almost all aspects of the restaurant remind you of a Goan vacay. Whether you want a full-fledged meal to treat your taste buds to a carnival of flavours or just grab a quick and scrumptious lunch in between work, this is the place to hit. Besides coastal cuisine, you can also choose from continental classics like xacuti, cafreal and thalis that make for an all-round meal.

#IHBLoves -Peri Peri Squid, Prawn Curry with Rice (true Goan beach shack style!), Lobster Thermidor, Sea Food Platter

  • Damages: Rs. 900 for 2 approx.
  • Location: 1st Floor, 8/6 Kensington Point, Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor
  • Contact: 07676767620