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Due to the recent carpooling initiative by the Bangalore Traffic Police to increase the utilisation of cars on the road, Uber has officially come forward and announced their newest initiative uberPOOL.

We’re so proud they’re launching soon in our very own Luru (after San Francisco, New York, LA and Austin). You will now be able to share a ride—and split the cost—with another person who happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route in your city! How epic is that?

How a sample trip with UBERPool will look like

How does UBERPool work?

  1. REQUEST  – Enter your destination in the app.
  2. GET MATCHED UP – During your trip, you can be matched with another rider traveling along a similar route.
  3. SHARE AND SPLIT – Riding solo? Travel with a co-rider and save. Two or more people? Request a different Uber option please.
  4. BE ON TIME – The first rider may already be in the car, so be ready to hop in when your Uber arrives. You’ll be dropped off in the most efficient order. 

We’re so happy with the news as this just takes Bangaloe one step further to being what it really is – a city of the future, just greener, cleaner and more eco-friendly than ever before!