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Pint. Aim. Shoot!

What: 16 Team Beer Pong (Tournament Style)
here: Monkey Bar, Indiranagar
hen: 11th October, Sunday –  kick off at 4.30 p.m.

Please Keep In Mind:

  • Only 2 members per team will be allowed
  • Failing to show up 15 minutes before the tournament (i.e. by 4.15 p.m.) will disqualify your team.
  • Rules will be explained at Monkey Bar to all participants before kick-off but please read this to make life easier – Monkey Heart Pong Rules
  • Prizes to be won for the winning team (don’t worry, if you participate you won’t go empty handed)
  • Sign up will purely work on first come first serve basis, so hurry up!!

Register below with all your details:


  • Entries shut when 16 teams have signed up, (but don’t worry, we’re going to do this again soon)
  • Call +91 9880610166 or e-mail editors@iheartblr.com for further queries/information.

Good luck! xx