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Dear Groom to be,

I understand that you love her, want to give her everything possible, and you want to make your wedding day memorable just for her, but hey it’s your big day too. How about making few heads turn, ha? How about stealing the spot light for at least a little while? How about making a dandy difference and hearing them all gasp when you walk across them. After all – Why should girls have all the fun?

So my point is – As you wait for your bride to arrive wearing an exquisite ensemble, it’s only fair for you to shine wearing an invisible crown of sophistication and sheer elegance.

Did I get you confused?

Well, do not worry. Little attention to detail will help you achieve that sartorial wisdom. Wear right and the rest will happen. Compelling visuals could be a good start, you know!


So read on –

  1. Indo Western suits – For a change try investing in an Indo Western ensemble. If you are a modern Indian male then this could be your compelling modern Indian groom look.
  2. Modern velevet sherwani – With the growing number of brands providing modern sherwani in the market you can instantly up your style game and be the show stealer at at your wedding. Velvet is IN this season so you might want to think about it and a little embellished detailing won’t hurt. It’s your wedding day, remember?
  3. Bundies – Well if not on your wedding day then you could probably wear it for the pre-wedding soiree. I personally love it because it is totally suave. Go for a solid color bundy which suits your skin tone and the occassion. I would suggest something which is a little on the brighter side. You can pair your bundy not only with your kurta and pajama but also with your Chinese collar shirt and pathanis aswell.
  4. Churidar – Always go for a well fitted churidar to bring out the best of your kurta. It looks sleek, clean and shows that you are a confident man to be wearing that.
  5. Dhoti pants – If you are in an adventurous mood and want to make a long lasting statement then don the classic traditional dhoti. Trust me you will be gawked at, but in a good way because not a lot of men have the (beep) to wear that.
  6. Accessory – With so much going on, do not do more than a pocket square. Your shoes and pagadi will make up for it!


So I guess this should help you get ready for your wedding and if you still have not got the right statement piece for yourself then there is this men’s fashion store you could go to called “Prestige The Man Store” in Commercial Street Bangalore where all your fashion needs will be taken care of.

You’re welcome!

Oh, and non-grooms, you as well can take some inspiration from this!